Chapter 22: It's Time To Get Lucky

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Chapter 22

It's Time To Get Lucky

Nadia P.O.V.

As I finished getting ready and the show doesn't start soon.

"Alright girls!", I heard Kelly voice as we turn and faced her.

"So your singing after Will", she said as we nodded

"So good luck girls, you will do great"

We smiled as we hugged her she walked out and I sighed as I grabbed my ear piece as my mic as I took a picture of it and tweeted it on my Twitter.

'@Nadia_Parry: http:/www.Twitter/Nadia_Parry/pic getting ready before our performance wish us luck'

As I tweeted it then no more then 6 seconds I got 30 re-tweets, I went to our official account and retweet my tweet.

As I looked up at the ceiling till I heard a door knock as Aubrey got up and open the door.

"A delivery for Nadia Parry", said the man as I turn and I saw him with a white rose.

I arched my eyebrows as Aubrey grabbed it from him and walked up to me and gave it to me as a note popped out in the bag.

I grabbed it as I read it:

'To the most gorgeous talented girl, good luck on stage :)


"Ooohh he definitely likes you", Charlotte said.

"No he doesn't, we're just friends? I mean like I said wouldn't it be cheating if I dated the most sensation boy band member in the world?"

"I don't know but don't let things get in the way of things, I mean if you guys have a 'connection' then you shouldn't let things get in your way?", Mika said air quoting the word 'connection'.

"Yeah I mean you two are perfect, Hadia Sarry?", Aubrey said as they chuckled as I roll my eyes.


As we were next to perform as I sighed and I prayed to be alright. I shook off my nerves as I put on my ear piece and grabbed my mic.

"Ready girls?", I asked as we put our fist in circle, and we chanted.


As we went near to the stage in the back as we walked on stage as one of the stage crew told us.

As we sat down on the couch and the commercial break was almost over, as I sat on the arm ledge with my legs crossed as one of the make-up artist walked up to me and fixed my make-up and ran back before the show goes back on.

As I heard the producer yelled

"Going back live in 3...2..", and soon the spot light hits on Mario in the crowd as I lean my chin in my hand.

"Up next is five girls who got out together ladies and gentlemen pleas give it up for Intensify Unison!", as our intro started from the tv above us.

As soon it turned off we started with the acapella first then the music began, as we began to smile as the spot light came upon us.


Like the legend of the phoenix

All ends with beginnings

What keeps the planet spinning (uh)

The force of love beginning


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