Chapter 18: Soon Means Soon

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Chapter 18

Soon Means Soon

Charlotte P.O.V.

I sighed as the girls keep giving me the puppy dog look.

"What?", I groan.

"Charlotte you are always on your phone please tell us who are you texting?", Bethany begged on her knees.

"Don't you girls know what private business means?", I roll my eyes as the keep doing the puppy dog stare.

"Ugh fine! It will shut you guys up all the time", I said as I scrolled my phone and showed them.

"Whose? Jonny Delmen?", Nadia asked.

"Whoops I was suppose to delete that number", as I scrolled to the number and showed them.

"Baby Beau? Who the hell is Baby Beau?", Beth asked.

"You know the Janoskians?", I said.

"Oh them! Yeah their videos are hilarious!", Bethany and Nadia laughed, as Nadia widen her eyes.

"Wait are you talking to Beau Brooks!", I nodded, she grabbed a pillow and cover her face as she screamed.

"No way!", Beth said.

"Yes there you go"

"Wait when did you two meet?", Nadia said.

"It was when I was sitting at the bench on Saturday while you were getting your otter box", I said.

"Really? Wow, I can't believe you have a crush", Nadia said.

"Yeah but what about you Nadia? You've been texting Harry, and it seems he is totally into you from the stared he gave you?", Beth smirk at her as Nadia blushed.

"Well we're friends nothin more, and plus I'm a contestant would it be count as cheating that a contestant is dating a popstar?", She asked.

"Well kinda, but after the competition, I mean look at Zayn and Perrie", she said.

"Well he probably gonna find another girl soon"

"Another girl? Pft you kidding me, Louis said it to himself, he's totally into you", I said.

"Yeah yeah anyways what song are we going to sing for the next show?", Nadia said as Beth grabbed the papers.

"Something calm and relaxing like jazz, or hippie kind of song", Beth said.

"What about Get Lucky! I love that song!", Nadia said.

"Alright I will go text Mika and Aubrey", I said as I grabbed my phone.

{{To: Mika, Aubrey}}

Hey we're doing Get Lucky for our next show you okay with that?

As I got a vibration from my phone

{{From: Mika}}

Yeah I'm fine with that :)

{{From: Aubrey}}

I'm cool with that

As I got another vibration I looked down it was a texted from Beau.

{{From:Baby Beau}}

Hey Char, want to go to the mall together and hang out? :)

I smiled as Beth and Nadia read it over my shoulder.

"You should go?", I looked up.

"Really?", I said.

"Yeah I mean come on you two looked like an adorable couple, now go get ready", Nadia said as I smiled and text Beau.

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