Chapter 33: Taken a Back a Bit

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Chapter 33

Taken a Back a Bit

Nadia P.O.V.

"NADIA NADIA NADIA!", as I felt a shake I groan as I flutter my eyes open and saw Charlotte.

"Charlotte...what is it..."

"Today is the day!"

"What day?", I groaned.

"The day of the results!"

"That won't be till 6 pm", I said.

"I know but I have a weird feeling "

"Feeling of what?", I said putting my face down.

"That we might get through the Top 6 then we have 5 more to go!"

"Charlotte don't get you hope up of being the winner of the X-Factor..."I groaned under the pillow.

"What was that?"


"Okay", soon as walked out as I got up since I couldn't sleep.

As I brushed my teeth and washed my face and threw my hair in a pony tail. As I walked down in my slippers and went in the kitchen and see Lauren, Jessica as Charlotte.

"Hey", Jessica said, "good morning"

"Good morning", I said as I sat down and Lauren passed me pancakes.


"Your welcome", she said, as I began to chomp it down.

"Can't believe it, that we get to see whose in the Top 6?", Charlotte said as we agreed and we heard someone coming down.

Josie and Carson, they seem a bit close like a boyfriend and a girlfriend.

"Hey good morning?", Josie said smiling at us.

"Morning here ya go", Lauren so as passing pancakes to them.

"Thanks", they said.

"Your welcome"

"So you guys nervous tonight?", Carson asked us.

"Heck yes I am! So nervous!", Charlotte said as we laughed.

"Oh calm down we all know that you girls did your best and are going through cause that's what the people wants from you guys", he said.

"Thanks Carson but I wouldn't want to say we're the best I mean you guys killed it last night too"

"Yeah but taken back at Simon opinion nearly made me cry", Josie said.

"Why did he say?", Jessica asked.

"I sound like a piggy from the muppets?"

"Wow that's so mean?", Lauren said.

"I know"

"Well I was taken back from Demi opinion", Carson said.

"What did she say?", I asked.

"I'm not good enough for the competition?", he said.

"Really? I thought you did great last night", I said.

"Yeah same here", Josie said.

"Well you guys this may be our last day for us cause we don't know whose going home tonight and if it's one of us and I want to say you guys are like family to me and right now I'm crying and I'm so emotional", I said as I waved my hand so I can't cry.

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