Chapter 5: Intensity XO

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Chapter 5

Intensity XO

Nadia P.O.V.

Kelly screamed and cheered as we laughed and we got into a group hug.

We ran back downstage as we met up with the other people who gone through.

I hugged some people I met before and after that I notice that I was formed into a girl group, like One Direction and Little Mix, I was just formed into a girl group.

As I walked back to the girls they were quite shy, but I'm always talkative every time that the teacher made me go to detention.

"Hi guys my name is Nadia Parry what's your guys name?", I asked.

"....My name is Aubrey McKenna" said the one with dark brown hair.

"I'm Mika Toronto", the blonde one said.

"I'm Bethany Grey", the girl with straight light brunette hair said.

"And I'm Charlotte Worth", said the girl with caramel hair.

"Okay so let's talk about each other I'm 18 years old live in North Village in Miami Florida it's a tropical place there it's amazing, I have two older brothers name Neko (that's how you spell his name) and Noah, um I do dancing, track and snowboard" I said.

After a while I got to know them better.

Bethany-17 years old I grew closer to her she like my sister she has four brothers and she plays soccer, surfboard, and softball.

Charlotte, 17 years old, she is also closer to me, she is sometimes a flirt but sometimes foolish also, she plays the piano also plus the guitar and three sisters.

Mika- 19 years old guitarist, one older sister and brother, lives in New York and works at a coffee shop.

Aubrey- 19 years old, works at a Library and has three older brothers.

Soon I realize we need a name, and we tried to think of a name that represents ourselves.

As Charlotte looked down at my shoes, and my white tank top with the words Intensity.

"Wait! How about Intensity...... Unison!", she said as we shook our head 'no'

"What about we change the Unison cause it sound like about....", Mika thought, "Intensity XO?", she suggested.

"Intensity XO? That is a good name!", I said.

"Yeah that's good", Bethany said.

"I'm in on that", Aubrey said.

"I guess...", Charlotte pouted, we chuckled.

"Intensity XO it is", I said as I grabbed a spiral from my bag I just had and I took out this black spiral with little pink and blue flowers everywhere.

As I open up the page and wrote in too Intensity XO.

"What song should we sing first?", I asked?"

"What about Say Something? I can play the piano?", I said.

"Yeah that will be good okay let's practice till next week the four chair challenge and if we get to be in the chairs we will be in the top 16! Then we have to to our first live show where the judges pick out three of their contestants their mentoring to go through while one goes home so we got to make it good", Aubrey said as we nodded.

"Let's see whose going to be our mentor anyways", Charlotte said as we walked in front of the curtains as we waited for awhile.

"There rumors that Simon Cowell is not going to be mentoring the groups again..", said the group closer to us, I knitted my eyebrows to see if that was true.

As the curtain open we all went silence as soon the one and only....

"Hey guys your probably thinking...'Kelly Rowland is our mentor' and yes I'm mentoring the groups this year and I will help you to become the winner to be the X-Factor" she said as we screamed and hugged her.

OMG! Kelly Rowland is helping us out! Yes!


Don't ask why their band name is Intensity XO it just is.

~Hal xx

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