Chapter 30: Rejected

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Chapter 30


Nadia P.O.V.

The girls and I went to the studio to meet up with Kelly, we walked inside as I sat down on the spinning chair thing, as we waited for Kelly to come.

Soon the doors open and she smiled as she walks in.

"Hello girls how was your break?", she asked.

"It was really good and relaxing", Charlotte said.

"Good, and how's the house you sharing with the contestants?", she asked.

"Good, we really like to spend time with them", I said as I thought back from last night around the campfire.


As we were sitting around the campfire roasting marshmallow as me and Charlotte were sharing a nice warming blanket.

"So what sing are you guys singing on Wednesday?", Mika asked as she was next to Ben. They seem so close for some reason.

"Well we're singing Always Be Together by Little Mix", Jessica said, as I nodded.

"I love that song so much", Bethany said as we agreed.

"And we're singing Something I Need by OneRepublic", Chase said.

"Oh my gosh I love that song so much!", Me and Charlotte said in unison, as they chuckled.

"And that's why we're called Intensify Unison", Mika said as we all chuckled.

"What about girls? What are you singing?",James asked.

"Count on Me", I said.

"Really? I love that song, that's a perfect song", Jenny said.

"Yeah we can relate to it", I said as I stare into the fire and watch as I twirl the marshmallow.

"Now let's talk about Bethany date That she called me and screamed over the phone", Charlotte said glaring at Bethany as she blushed and we all looked at her.

"Beth you had a date?!", Aubrey,Mika and Me yelled and she nodded.

"Well spill girl!", Lacey said.

*end of flashback*

"Okay good so what song are you girls singing for Wednesday?", she asked us.

"Count on Me by Bruno Mars", I said.

"Perfect song choice, so how you girls want to dress?"

"Something that self-express ourselves we should dress what we like to wear", Aubrey said as we agreed.

"Okay and the theme of the stage be?", she asked us.

"They're should be like little light bulbs on the floor around us, like in the music video of Ellie Goulding", I said as the girls agreed.

"Okay so let's see what you got in the booth", she said as we nodded and we walked inside the booth and put on the Dr. Dre studio beats, as we started singing.

*Two hours*

As we finish Kelly told us what we're doing tomorrow.

"Tomorrow you girls are coming back here at 10 and Sydney will have some designer clothes for you girls and we will sketch out the ideas for the stage and you will visit Casey to practice with the performance", she said as we nodded.

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