Chapter 40: Change It

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Chapter 40

Change it

Nadia P.O.V.

As me and the girls were shaking to see whose going through with us.

"The Act that will be going through is.....Carson Sile!", as we cheered and him and Paulina hugged each other.

"Now we have Jackson Riddle and Jonny McGrawn, in the over 25s, which one of you have to go home", he said as we gasped this is the first time that happen for us, one of Simon over 25s is going to go home while one stays.

"Goodluck to both of you, that act that is going home with the lowest votes is........Jackson Riddle", he said as the crowd boohed and Jackson sighed as he hugged Jonny and hugged Simon.

"Congrats Jonny your staying and sorry Jackson but your going home", as we gave him a small cheer.

"So Simon what do you have to say to Jackson before he leaves?"

"Just want to say that he is a hardworking contestant and fun to work with so be proud of yourself mate you made it this far", he smiled and nodded.

"What do you have to say Jackson?"

"Well I want to say thanks to the public who voted and supported me through, and thanks to the contestant to make me feel like home, I really had fun as all the X-Factor team are really helping and just want to say I got a blast and it's fun to be on here", as the crowd cheered and we clapped.


As me and the girls helped All Connected boys as it was hard to say good bye cause were the only band that Kelly has and we feel that we may disappointed her.

"Thanks girls for helping us", James said as we nodded we said our goodbye as Mika and Ben had their last goodbye.

"I need to talk to you Mika..", Ben said as she nodded and followed him.

"I bet you he's going to kiss her.."Chase said to me, as I slapped his shoulders.

Mika P.O.V.

As I follow Ben to the back garden where Harry and Nadia were. It was hard to let them go cause I kinda gain feelings for Ben but when we first met I keep rejecting and rejecting but I was just in denial that I liked him.

"So what do you want to talk to me about?"

"I just want to say before I leave your the most beautiful girl I ever met, when I first saw you at bootcamp I was just over heels and when I saw you on the live shows I just knew I had to meet you, because..I...Love you..", I gulped.

"Well say something?", he said as I get get the words out but I couldn't...I do love him..but I'm too shock.

"You know..I should of kept it a secret just forget it.."he said as he was about to walk away but I grabbed his wrist.

"No! Wait!", he turn as I pulled him close to me and put my lips on his, fireworks were exploding in my stomach.

As he eventually kissed me back as he wrapped his arms around my bare waist cause I was wearing a crop-top.

As we pulled apart our forehead were connected as I stare into his eyes and we smiled.

"I'm going to miss you when your gone.."I said.

"Me too, but I will be watching you on tv", I smiled as I hugged him.

"And Mika..."I looked at him.

"Would you be the pleasure to be mine?", I smiled and nodded as he pecked my lips as I heard a whistle.

We both looked.

"Yo Ben! You can kiss your girlfriend in another time but we gotta go!", Ricky yelled.

"Well come on", he said as he held my hand and we walked to the front.

As we walked I walked to the girls as they gave me a smirk.

"Ok you were right but don't smash it in my face"

"Okay okay, but we have to be at Kelly again, she said she wants us to talk about next week", Nadia said, as I looked and Ben gave me a smile as I run up to him and hugged him.

"Bye.."I said as a tear rolled down and he wiped it awka and kissed my cheek and pecked my lips.

"Mika come on!", Bethany yelled.

"Bye", soon we separate and I ran to the girls as we hoped in the car and drove to Kelly place.


As we got to the front of her house we walked down and knocked on the door. She open it, she open her arms as we hugged her and walked in and head in the living room.

"Okay girls so congrats on going through "

"Thank you", we said.

"I know how you feel when your the only girl group or group actually but no matter what you don't have to make me proud I'm already proud to have you girls", as we awed and hugged her.

"So next week is your song choice, what do you have an mind?"

"Well we think we should should something that we can touch the people heart I mean we've been doing a lot of pop rock songs but we haven't sang something meaningful since the Four chair challenge and that is Say Something", Nadia said as we agreed.

"I think Hurt by Christina Aguilera will do", I suggest as we agreed

"Big song to hi those high notes, Aubrey and Nadia do you think you guys can hit the high notes?", she asked them.

"I think we can take that risk", Nadia said as we agreed.

"Okay tomorrow we will start going over it and do the exact same thing like last time", she said as we agreed.

"Okay good night girls have a goodnight sleep", she said as she hugged us and soon we walked back to the van.

As it was silence and soon I saw the corner of my eye Nadia looking at me.


"Oh nothing, I just thinking"

"Thinking about what?"

"How.."she chuckled, "I ship Men or Bika"

"I think Bika sounds cute!", Bethany said as they laughed.

Oh boy.....





~Hal ^•^

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