Chapter 28: Mika Break

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Chapter 28

Mika Break

Mika P.O.V.

**Tuesday Morning**

"Mika!!", my older sister, Frankie, shaking me trying to wake me up.

"Errr...go away Bethany...."I groaned.

"Mika I'm not Bethany", oh yeah right I'm so used to Bethany waking me up every morning.

"Oh..then what Frankie?"

"Some one here to visit", I lift my head up and got up as I walked out and see a girl with brunette hair.


Delilah was my best friend since kindergarden through 8th grade till she turn her back on me during freshmen year.

"What you doing here?", I asked.

"Umm can I speak to you privately", she asked, I nodded as we walked to my room.

"Okay why are you here?"

"I want to apologize from what happen after 8th grade"

"Hmmm are you just saying that cause you want the fame?"

"No I'm telling the truth"

"Mhmm, are you side cause you always is to me and I always fell for you traps"

"I am telling you the truth I felt miserable about all those stuff I did"

"Mmm, alright but you have to do find a way for me to be friends with you but for now we're just two different people we never met", she nodded as she hugged me but I didn't hug back I groaned.

"Oh yeah already forgot, I will just leave, ummm hi again", as she walked out and I sighed, more people are being so nice to me ever since X-Factor, well X-Factor did change me.

"Hey Mika come and watch this!", Dustin, my older brother said as I walked out and I looked at the tv.

'Watch the X-Factor! Where four judges mentor their contestant!

Simon with the over 25s', as it showed him and the contestants.

'With Three contestants of the 25s,

Jackson Riddle, Olivia Conningwells, and Jonny McGrawn!

For Demi contestant only one,

Josie Cellings

Paulina Boys

Carson Sile

And last but bit least Kelly Rowland with the groups

All Connected! And Sweet Perfection,Intensify Unison!'

As it showed us, the girls in Sweet Perfection, about 4 girls and All Connected, there're about four guys in there, they're not pretty bad.

'Vote for them on the USA X-Factor'

As it switch to commercial break, as my parents, Frankie and Dustin slapped my shoulders and congratulating me.

"Sweetheart you will have so many things in your life?", as I smiled and thanked my mom.

"And we want you to give you this when your up there on stage", my dad gave me a little box as I open it, it was a locket as I open it it shows my family when I was baby.

My eyes were so watery as I wiped it away, and thanked my parents.

As I took it out and put it on.

"I love it thank you guys so much"

"Your welcome sweetheart"

"Enough all the lovey and gooey sad and wonderful moments let's play some Wii Mario Carts!!!", Dustin said.

"Boys are so weird.."Frankie said as I chuckled and we went to turn on the Wii and started playing.


*Last Day off*

"Okay girls so let's start the solos", I said as Charlotte was playing the guitar.

We're keeping this song a secret to our families and right now we're in a private room so our parents won't hear us and we're doing this over web chat.

"Okay let's start", Nadia said.

"You can count on me 'cause I can count on you"

As we sang it perfectly we cheered.

"Well I got to go, see ya girls tomorrow", I said.

"Alright same see ya girls!"

As we said our goodbyes and I exit the screen and closed my lap top as I exit out.

And went to my bedroom and changed into my pajamas and went to bed as my suitcase were already pack.

Well that was a nice two week break.





[Fact 15]

one time I got really insecure over my body.

It was in the middle school and I looked at the mirror and I thought I needed to loose weight but now I'm perfectly fine.

~Hal ^•^

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