Chapter 50: The Finals! Pt 1

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Chapter 50

The Finals! Pt 1

Nadia P.O.V.

Oh...My...God?! Me and the girls are at the Arena in Hollywood for the Finals, we're on the stage now but no one is here yet cause it's still 2:34 pm.

"Oh my gosh...this place is huge look how many seats are there you can picture it like a basketball game here", I said as the girls agreed.

"Can't believe we've made it this far", Bethany said as we agreed.

"Girls want to go check out your outfits for every performance!" Sydney said as we agreed.

We walked off to our dressing rooms as Sydney have racks that said our names on them.

"Here's for Hurt", she said as she showed us a white sweater that said our names into Graffiti font and Snapbacks and some jeans and sneakers too.

"Here's Say My Name", she said as she got another rack.

Mine was a black and white jumpsuit, the pants were white and the top was black with the glitter only go on top of my chest and down to my waist, and a brown belt around it, something like Perrie Edwards wear.

"And for Outasight and also to wear into the intro", she said as she brought out another rack.

Mine was a white overall with a neon pink crop top under it and my shoes were white Vans and my hat was a red beanie that's my style.

"Burn by Ellie Goulding", she brought again another rack.

Once again mine was a jumpsuit, this is like the one I just wore at the movie premiere, it was red velvet and my top for under it was black and laced form into forming flowers with little red gems in the middle of the flower and the belt was gold and little chains were hanging on.

"Lastly but not least your outfit for Finals results and Beautiful", as she showed us.

Mine was another jumpsuit, I really like to wear jump suits because it's cute.

It was fully blacked the sleeves were like that top the one with lace but you can see my skin as another lad of black was just above my breast while half of my chest and my neck and shoulder were exposed underneath the lace and it goes fully solid black to my body, as I was wearing fully black converse high tops.

"What about the results? The Top 2 results?", Charlotte asked.

"You guys will be wearing the Outfit for Say My Name cause you going to perform first after the results, IF your going to perform depends on the votes", she said as we nodded.

"Well lets get dressed up", I said as we agreed and the stylist came to fix us up.

As they straighten my hair and did my make-up, with gold and tan eyeshadows as they out the liquid Mac eyeliner above my lids and the eyeliner pencil on my waterline, they out the fake eyelashes and put mascara on it.

They put the same lipstick I wore from the movie premiere.

I went and put on my outfit as I slipped on my beanie and I put on my black Adidas with the red bow on it.


The song we're doing to sing the intro was Best Day of My Life by American Authors.

As I hooked on the ear piece and grabbed my mic.


It's almost show time and the girls, me,Carson and Josie are entering from the isle way of the back where the people enter.

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