Chapter 37: You Blow My Mind

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Chapter 37

You blow my Mind

Charlotte P.O.V.

"Hey Mickey!", as we practice sing in our performance on stage and Kelly clapped her hands and walked up to us.

"You girls did great, but relax a little and have fun, cause you guys seem so shaky", we smiled and nodded.

"And always remember that you guys are different then the other girl group they try to hard to be the best then the others but instead you trying to show them that your just trying and having fun on the show, your representing all the girls in a group that you guys can do it", we nodded as we went back and practice more.


As we got back from the house we lazy walked upstairs, soon I fell on the couch laying my head resting my voice.

"Sooo tirreeed", Mika groaned.

"Man can this competition be over already?", Aubrey complained

"I just want to win this thing and get it over with", Bethany said.

"Yeah just get a month break before we go to our X-Factor tour", I said.

"Girls no offense but please don't get your hopes up on winning the X-Factor we need know what happens to this week results to the Semi-Finals?", Nadia said as we agreed.

"But what happens if we do win?", I said.

"Well then like you said we take a month break, till our tour cause we have to sign the contract and get ready to record some of our new songs"

I sighed as I looked at the ceiling.

"I remember few months ago we were just five normal girls who audition different parts from this country", I said.


"Hello and what's you name?", said Kelly

"My name is Charlotte Worth"

"And how old are you?"

"Well I'm 17", soon the crowd yelled and I just smiled.

"What are you going to sing for us today?", Simon asked.

"I'm going to sing Demons by Imagine Dragons", I said.

"Alright let's go", Demi said as the music began.


After I finished the crowd began to clap and the judges seem impressed.

Yes I did it!

*End of flashback*

As I smiled to my thought, been along time since I audition as a solo artist.

"What are you smiling at?", Nadia asked.

"What? Oh nothing.."

"It's probably Beau?" , Aubrey said as they all agreed.

"Oh shush! He is busy now", I said.

"So Mika you and Ben?", I smirk changing the subject.

"What?", we gave her a smirks

"No me and him are just friends?"

"Yeah but you never know he ask you out?", Nadia said.

"Oh really did Harry ask you unexpected"

"Yes, and he kissed me unexpected"

"Wait what about Beth?"

"He's still working on it", as we chuckled.

"I can't believe that tomorrow results will be shown next week for the Semi-Final?", I said as we agreed.

As Nadia phone rang and she answered it.

"Hello....What?!....Really?! Please tell me this is real?!....HOLY--sorry sorry bad habits..okay thanks mom love you", as she hanged up we have her the 'what's happening look?'

"I'm going to have a little sibling..."she said as we cheered and congrats her as we hugged her.

"Congrats Bubbie", I said.

"Thanks I'm so excited", she said as we chuckled.

"This just blow my mind", as we laughed as somehow we started to sing Mickey.

Well all I know is that we are so weird.






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