Chapter 43: Semi-Finals

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Chapter 43


Nadia P.O.V.

As us girls were rehearsing one last time and it was 1pm.

"Great job ladies! Well you have to go to the arena now to get dressed and get ready so let's go!", one of stage crew said as we nodded we grabbed our bags and walks out and went in the van.

As we got there, we saw a camera man yet again recording us.

"How you girls feeling tonight?"

"Nervous as hell, it's the Semi- Finals and we need to survive this and also a lot of popstars are going to be there and I'm not nervous", Bethany said.

"Your nervous your hand is shaking", Mika said as we laughed, as the camera man showed her hand and she started shaking.

"Well I am nervous to perform in front of a crowd and we're going on i'm 2nd after Josie", she as we kept talking about how shaky she was.


As we appeared in the back gates we walked out and saw fans screaming as we waved to them, and we walked back inside.

We walked to our hair dresser again while she curled my hair into little curls as it bounce a little.

As she put hair spray on it to make it last, next I went to get my outfit.

Since the theme is white and black and gold, I was wearing a white sleeveless collar shirt with a black overall skirt, as they place a little sparkle red flower broach in the suspenders on right side of my breast.

I put on my white knee socks stockings and my gold Adidas with a black bow on it.

I was wearing gold bracelets on my wrist as they did my make up.

They did gold shimmery eye-shadow with blended with black a little bit, and they put liquid Mac Eye-liner as they put pink pale lipstick on me and little bit of pale blush.

My nails were done before this, it was black with little gold chains on it.

As they were done fixing myself up, I smiled and thanked them as I started to my ear piece on and grabbed my decorated mic, they out gold and silver gems over it.

"Hey Nadia you should check this out", Bethany said as I stood up and followed her as we walked we looked out in the crowd and saw everybody.


"And look at the first floor", she said as I did, and I saw Harry and the boys, Little Mix,Fifth Harmony, I see Lauren and the others, I see my mom an dad and Neko, Noah,Summer in a cast and Renee and all the others on the list.

"Holy....this is so surreal"

"We will do great, just relax", Bethany said, as I nodded and hugged her.

"Come on let's go see the girls", she said as we walked back to go meet the girls.


As Josie came down after her performance.

"You did great Josie", we said.

"Thanks you girls will do just great!i know it", she said as we thanked her as we saw the stage care already setting up the crops as we went in stage and saw the light bulbs hanging as we went inside and it was surrounding us.

"Next, is five girls who share the same dream and got put into a girl group back in LA, now their here in the a Semi- Finals to finish so please let me introduce to you Intensify Unison!", we heard Mario said, as the crowd cheered and screamed.

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