Chapter 42: Surpisingly Guest

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Chapter 42

Surprisingly Guest

Nadia P.O.V.

*Monday, two days before performance day*

Two more days, I'm so nervous, god this is nerve wrecking.

We were at sound check on the stage as Kelly was watching us.

As we finished Kelly clapped actually rephrase that, everyone was clapping.

We bowed and Kelly walked up to us and she had tears in her eyes.

"That was beautiful girls, it touched my heart and touches everyone else in here, you will touch their heart on Wednesday, this is what we're talking about a girl group, you girls gives we're perfect", we smiled and thanked her.

"You girls are off the hook and oh! Here some list of people who are going to be there", she gave us a list, as we looked at each other.

' Guest List

•The Top 12,10,8,and 6

• One Direction

•Little Mix

•Families and Friends

•Cher Lloyd

•Fifth Harmony

•Emblem 3

•Alex & Sierra

•Tulisa Contostavlos

•Cheryl Cole

•Olly Murs'

As Mika looked and widen her eyes

"It's an anniversary for the X-Factor UK" as we 'ohhed'

"So wait All Connected and Sweet Perfection is going to be there?", Mika asked.

"Well It did said all the old contestants", she said as her smile is wide.

"She very excited to see them again", I said as she 'ohed'

"Wait Little Mix is going to be there, and Tulisa?!",Charlotte said.

"Well it is a guest list and they said yes they would come"

"Now I'm nervous"

"Relax ladies they will be watching you from the crowd in the first floor?"

"First floor?", we asked.

"Oh yes, the arena is going to be in Hollywood"

"Huh?", I said

"Say what?!", Mika said

"Excuse Mwah?!", Aubrey said.

"Wait! What?!", Bethany said.

"Catch me!", Charlotte fell back as we caught her.

"Up up", I said being her back up.

"Thanks love anyways what?!"

"Yeah, well see you girls tomorrow", as she walked away we stood there speechless.

"Come on girls we perform bigger crowd then this? And let's not get the crowd in our way", I said as we agreed.

We walked to the van and drove back to the house as we walk inside I saw Josie and Carson walking like zombies.

"Let me guess you guys saw the guest list?", I asked they nodded.

"Did you?", she asked, we nodded.

"Please tell me you guys saw it too?", we looked up and saw Jonny, we nodded.

"This is so nerve wrecking now never knew this would affect us?", Josie said as we agreed.

"Wait, in three days one of us are going to get eliminated right?", Charlotte asked, as we nodded.

"Three people are suppose to be in the finals in next week"

"Ah jeez makes me more nervous..", Carson said.

"Wanna watch The Conjuring?", Jonny asked as we looked at him, he was only 27 and he still watch the Conjuring..interesting man?

"Sure I never get to see it?", Charlotte said as we looked at her.


"Do you know what the Conjuring is?", asked Aubrey.

"Yeah it's something creepy but come on it can't be that scary"


"HOLY SHIT DON'T DO IT!!", She yelled as she hold on my arm like it's the end of the world.

As a pop out came out and screamed and threw the popcorn in the air and spilled everywhere.


"Charlotte!", we yelled.

"Sorry...bad habit"

"Lucky that wasn't on camera", Josie said taking off popcorn off their shirt.

"Umm guys think again?", Bethany said as we looked and saw a camera man.

"Ah jeez well there goes our intro", I said as we laughed.





We're almost done!

~Hal ^•^

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