Chapter 17: Say What Now?!

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Chapter 17

Say What Now?!

Nadia P.O.V.

I finally get to know who is performing tonight!

"Wait up Nadia!", Charlotte said as she try to catch up to me.

I wanted to get to the monitor to see whose performing. As I got there with everybody there.

"Now performing One Direction!", Mario said.

Say What now?

"Straight off the plane to a new hotel

Just touched down, you could never tell

A big house party with a crowded kitchen

People talk shh but we don't listen"

As I listen to Harry angelic voice, as I was mesmerize by it.

After they finish they got the crowd screaming and we were clapping our hands.

"Okay guys you get to meet the boys!", one of the stage crew said as we cheered and we walked to the back to meet them, as they came out we clapped our hands and some girls went to Harry and talk to him as us girls went to talk to Niall and Louis.

"Hello loves", Louis said as we hugged him and took selfies with him, it wasn't our idea, well it was me and Louis idea somehow all of us got to fit.

"Thanks", I said.

"So what's your girls name?"

"Charlotte Worth"

"Mika Toronto"

"Aubrey McKenna"

"Bethany Grey"

"I'm Nadia Parry---"before I could finish my sentence Niall and Louis eyes widen and said.

"Your Nadia Parry!", they said as I looked at the girls and they shrugged, and I nodded slowly.

"That's my name that---", they interrupted me.

"No wonder why Harry is so into you", I looked at them confused and laughed.

"Harry...into me?...oh my god! You think Harry into me we barely know each other", as I was laughing hard and they looked at them with serious looks.

As my laughter died down, "Say what now? Harry into me?", I pointed myself, they nodded.

"Well you should meet Harry", Louis bent down as he grabbed my ankles and lifted me up and I was on his shoulder.

"Louis?! What the heck are you doing!", he walked over to somewhere as I heard three British accents.

"Down you go love", he put me down and I brushed myself off.

"What the heck were you doing Tom--", as I stopped and turn to see Zayn, Liam and Harry, right now I'm in a circle with them.

"Hello? Tomlinson what were you doing?", I pouted.

"Well Harry, Liam, Zayn this is Nadia Parry, Nadia you already know who they're are", he said as I shook their hands as I went to Harry he decided to hug me instead.

"S-S-Sorry", he stutters.

"It's fine I see your a hugger", I said.

"Nadia.."as I heard a female voice as I turn and it was one of the contestant Wendy Marine.

"Yes?", I said.

"Bethany got her hair stuck with the laces of the shoe"

"Again..."I groaned and she nodded.

"Sorry I have to go but it was nice meeting you" I said as I walked away but someone grabbed my wrist stopping me from my tracks I turn and saw Harry.

"Hey maybe we can talk you know trade phone numbers?", he asked as I smiled and nodded and we traded phone numbers.

"Alright I have to go see you guys soon", I walked off to our dressing room and see the girls trying to get the shoe off of Bethany hair.

"Beth what has gotten into you with shoe laces..."





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