Chapter 16: Your in Love With a Contestant

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Chapter 16

Your In Love With a Contestant

Nadia P.O.V.

As I was already at the arena and I haven't found out whose performing yet, and I'm very excited to see who it is.

For my results outfit, I decided to wear black long sleeve crop top with these black flower saggy pants like a boho chic cause that's my style, on top of my shoulders the sleeves are cut showing of my skin, as I wore these black Adidas also with a red bow on it as my hair is straight and have a red beanie.

I looked at Charlotte she is still on her phone. Like seriously who is she texting?! Yeah? I can get noisy sometimes.

Charlotte P.O.V.

I swear I just saw THE Louis Tomlinson pass by or was it just someone else that has the same hair as Louis and the same tattoos.

As my phone vibrated I looked at it, as it was a texted message from 'Baby Beau' I've been texting him like two days know and it seems like we're so close.

{{From:Baby Beau}}

Good luck for the results, I hope you girls go through me and the boys are rooting for you girls! :D

He is so sweet

{{To: Baby Beau}}

Thanks! I'm like so nervous like I could faint but I don't want to :(

"Charlotte the show is about to go on put away your phone!", as Mika yelled from a far distance that made everybody looked at me.

"Thanks Mika!", I yelled back, we are so weird sometimes.

"No problem!!"

{{To:Baby Beau}}

Hey I got to go show time is starting

As I put my phone in my bag and walked to the girls who were all ready with the other contestants.

I'm so nervous as we hold hands and went into a tight circle and bowed our heads down as we pray.

Harry P.O.V.

{ah now you see THREE point of views}

Me and the Boys were getting ready and from the corner of my eye I swear I just saw Nadia.

"Hey Harry? Who are you staring at?", Zayn said shaking my shoulder as I shook my head.

"N-No one in particular", As I turn back and all of them raise their eyebrows.

"What?", I said feeling the tension awkward here.

"Ever since we got here you been looking around for someone?", Louis said.

"Is it the contestants?", Niall asked as I gulped.

"Wait!", Liam yelled as we turn his attention towards him.

"Is it that Nadia girl? The one we saw on tv when I made you watch the X-Factor? Cause you've been glued to her face for awhile", as all of them turn their attention towards me now.

"Okay you caught me, yes it's Nadia, ever since I saw her on tv she makes my heart flutter for no reason?!"

"Ooooh Harry your In love with a Contestant...."Louis poke me, and all I ever did was roll my eyes.

"Let's just watch the show.." As we head to the monitor and watch the whole show.

"Through the Top Ten is.....", as he took awhile to say it

"Intensify Unison!", as the girls squealed and the whole crowd cheered as they jumped around hugging each other.

Yes! They made it!

I knew they made it!

"Harry is time!", Louis yelled.

Say what now?





Fact [5]: I move around a lot and go to different schools when I was young

My brothers were born in San Francisco, that place is like home of the Filipinos area, and my parents live with my mom, mother and when my dad got a job over in Antioch they moved there as I was born, and that place is also home of the Filipinos too. My relatives were so near by and they like to visit our house...a lot, and when I meant near by I actually MEANT near by.

My Uncle house was like five houses down the street, so we can easily walk there.

Then we moved to Brentwood, closed by Antioch and I went to a different school, then I moved to Cross Point that's in Antioch then I moved to a different school.

Then soon my dad got a Job right by LA {I don't live In LA I just don't want to tell you guys where I live now}

And we moved there I have to go to a different elementary school and I didn't make any friends but this one friend made me feel special but when I was in 3rd grade, she moved to New York :''{(.

Then I had another friend, and one day I was talking to these girls I know while she was using the bathroom, we were playing as we have to use the bathroom and I told her that I was playing with these girls and she got a jealousy attack and told me

'I'm the worst friend....I should get lost....don't talk to me...and.....have fun with your new friends..'

And it sucks that there were some girls in there and I was embarrass.

Then when I got to 4th grade, that at school was shutting down, and I have to move another school, and that's where all my new friends started then I went to middle school, I hated it...then right now, I'm in high school.

Well that's the story of my life...

Well anyways I hope you enjoy! :D

~Hal ^•^

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