Chapter 29: Back in L.A.

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Chapter 29

Back in L.A.

Nadia P.O.V.

As I made it back in LA, as I got off the airplane and went to the van in LA.

As I walked out and saw some fans screaming my name as I wave to them.

As I see a camera man there filming me.

"Nadia how do you feel to be back here again?"

"Great, I'm so happy to see the fans again", as I put my suitcase in the back and stepped inside as I put my seatbelt on.

"Hello Nadia", the drive said.

"Aye Mike!", I said.

"So Kelly decided to put you girls in this house warming home with the other contestants"


"And the girls are already over there"

"Great can wait to see them!"


As we appeared in front of a house I got off as he helped me with my luggage.

"Thanks Mike", I said as I walked inside and heard some contestants and the girls voices in the kitchen, as I see some one coming down as it was Ben Wolf, in All Connected, he's 5'9, his hair is black and short and smooth back like Sam Craske, diamond stud earrings, he has the light tan skin like Mika, and he's 20 years old.

How do I know this?

I over heard the doctors telling him that when he was getting his checked. I didn't stalk him the doctor came and his dressing room was right across from me.

"Hey Nadia", he said.

"Hello Ben"

"The girls are in the kitchen"


"I'm home!", I yelled as I heard the voices stop and everybody appeared in front of the door frame.

"Nadia!", the girls yelled as they sprinted towards me.

"...not again.."I said as they tackled me to the floor.

"Girls girls..calm down we've been apart for two weeks so everything is okay", I said laughing.

"Sorry it was so weird how quiet it was with out you crazy girls", Aubrey said as we agreed.

"Well come on we will show you to our room", Mika said as they all pulled me upstairs as we went to the room to the last room on the left as we entered, I was so amazed it was big and there was bunk beds again.

"Hmmm...who am I bunking?", I asked.

"Well when we got here Mika decided to have her own bed and well your bunking with me!", Charlotte cheered.

"Alright, so which bunk did you took?"

"I took the top if that is fine with you?"

"Yeah I'm fine I love being the bottom", I said as I went and my luggage under the bed.

"Hey tonight we're chilling with Jessica, Lacey, Jenny, and Lauren, and also Ben, James, Chase and Ricky around the campfire", Aubrey said, they are the groups in All Connected and Sweet Perfection, we are close together.


"Yeah but first the camera man is here to do the little interview again", I nodded as the door knocked, Bethany answered it. The camera man appeared.

"Ready?", he asked us, we nodded.

As they walked in we sat on the couch as I sat on the arm rest, and Aubrey sat on the other side of the arm rest, Mika sat on the middle between Charlotte and Bethany, Beth is on her right and Charlotte is on her left.

Charlotte and Mika were making faces at each other and chuckled.

"Okay so say your band name and song and what is about last week", as we nodded.

"Okay now action!"

"Hello we're Intensify Unison!", we said together.

Nadia: "and this week we're singing Count on Me by Bruno Mars"

Bethany: "this song goes to our families and friends and to every one we loved"

Aubrey: "I think the point of this song for us is that we want them to count on us to be there if something happen"

Mika: "for this week is special to us cause our families will be there watching us and it will touch their heart in the crowd"

Charlotte: "this song can mean to anyone, boyfriend or girlfriend, best friend, or even family but we relate this to everyone", as we agreed.

Nadia: "and most importantly we can sing this song to each other cause the girls mean a lot of me and change my life once we made it through together and I know I can Count on them", as the girls awed and Bethany hugged me.

Aubrey: "last week was surprisingly amazing for us, we got through the performance and the results through the Top 8 and we never knew America loves us since there was posters in our hometown that said 'vote for them' 'vote for Intensify Unison' and we couldn't believe how we stumble into this crazy roller coaster ride"

As they stopped filming the camera guy looked at us and said,

"Okay now say something to you family?"

"Ooh how about

'This song is for our family and friends cause we know we can Count on Them'?" I asked.

"Yeah let's do that", Charlotte said.

"Okay in 1...2...3" as he pointed to us.

"This song is for our families and friends cause we know we can Count on Them!"

After that they stopped filming and we walked down to go to meet up with the others.

It's so great to be back here in LA.





[Fact 16]

My nails grow fast

When I cut my nails, like on a Monday then about five days later it will grow back to long.

People say I have sharp nails and I kinda cut their skin, well let's say that I may be a softy but they never know how my nails feels.

Hahaha...I'm so weird :(.

But whatever.

Anyways thanks for reading!

~Hal ^•^

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