Chapter 26: Aubrey Break

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Chapter 26

Aubrey Break

*Short Chapter sorry*

Aubrey P.O.V.

As I was helping my mom cook for dinner, I was making dinner for my Nana and Papa as my brothers were setting up the table. As it was finished sighed I placed down the food in the center.

My mother haven't found a place since she works over time for working as a high school teacher but it doesn't pay that much.

As we sat down around the table, and I helped my grandparents with the food on their plates and my mothers.

"Thank you sweetheart", she kissed my cheek and I smiled as I sat back down.

We began to eat as I was just staring at my food, we always have some little food and we always use our money to pay the bills and food.

As I shook off the mind as I enjoy being back here as I began to eat my food as we talk about some memories. As the door knocked as I looked I stood up and walked over to the door as I open it and saw my face of my father.

I gulped, as my jaw dropped.

"Hello Aubrey heard you doing the X-Factor? And came back here for a two week break"

"...y-y-yes but what you doing here?", I stuttered.

"You love me don't you",he said not answering my question.

"I don't you left us like this and took the house's defiantly no", I crossed my arms, "anyways what are you doing here?"

"I can't drop by and say hello to my daughter?"

"You never drop by when you left us and now I'm 19 and you just dropped by"

"Your so stubborn to see your own father?"

"I didn't choose to see you, you just choose to see me", I said.

"Can I please come in?"

"Hmmm...and see your family you I don't think so"

"Why are you so stubborn for not letting me see my family?"

"I'm not stubborn you chose to leave us and we can be better off without you"

"Why? I feel like you will be ended up I the streets"

"Don't doubt yourself that we will be on the streets while I made a promise"

"What promise?"

"A promise that I will buy a house for Nana, Papa, mom and my brothers",I spat.

"Oh really how are you going to do that?"

"Simple, I got four girls,contest, and figure that out", I said as I shut the doors and I lean my back against the door as I sighed.

"Honey who was that?", my mom said as she appeared at the door.

"Oh just a visitor dropping by and say hello to me", I said as I lied.

"Oh okay but I heard something about a promise?", she said.

"Mom I promise you that I will get a house for you and the others, and I'll keep that promise mom it's because I love you", she said as she smiled and a tear came down and she hugged me.

"Oh Ne-Hah", she said, "no matter what I don't care what happens to us we stick together"

I smiled and nodded as we hugged like this.

I will promise myself that I will push myself to get this prize for them, I don't care if I lose or win cause no matter what I have special people with me.





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