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Bethany:guys guys guys!

Mika: what Bethany? You know we have a break? LiLi gave us a break ever since we won the X-Factor?

Bethany: but..guess what she making already?!

Nadia: please don't tell me Beth that you snuck into her room and stole her phone and snoop in?

Bethany: I would say that I didn't but that would be lying, but Nadia everybody does that.

Charlotte: what do you mean by everybody?

Bethany: every story she makes in wattpad, all the characters anyways looked my her phone, her passcode is so easy.

Aubrey: well, aren't you going to tell us what she making for god sakes Bethany she gonna come back.

Harry: hey ladies, what's up?

Nadia: Bethany stole LiLi phone and she found out about something.

Ben: what did she find out?

Mika: I don't know she about to tell us before LiLi comes, GOD DAMMIT! Tell us Bethany!

Bethany: calm your horse I'm only a girl! Anyways I read it and--

LiLi: hey has you guys seen my phone?

Bethany: erm! No! Umm umm! Dominic took it!

LiLi: oh hell no! I knew he was the one snooping in my phone *runs out*

Nadia: nice going Beth, now tell us what she making?!

Bethany: girls all I can say is that we won't be on break for a long time...


Nadia: are you saying that she gonna delete the story?

Bethany: oh god no! She can't fire me! We're Intensify Unison! I'm saying that--

LiLi: Bethany?! You lied that Dominic has my phone! But turns out you do!

Bethany: what makes you think I have your phone? You don't have proof!

LiLi: then what's in your hand?

Bethany:'s uhh a technology, Duh!

LiLi: give me back my phone! Your the one that snooping through it!

Mika: no actually it was everybody.

LiLi: woah! Woah! You mean the stories I make snoops through my phone?! Do I get privacy?

Bethany: hey you keep interesting things in your phone?

LiLi: Beth..don't tell me you saw the sequel of American Girls on my phone...

Mika,Nadia,Harry,Aubrey,Charlotte, Ben: WHAT?! There a sequel?!

LiLi: you guys know that I'm not just making a one story, the next is you guys off the road, but this time this is all about you girls life, I mean to I girls well have each point of views of your life while this tour is going on, soo Nadia and Harry your not the only one with problems.

Other: WOAH! WOAH! We also have problems as well!

LiLi: I said too much *Snatch the phone away from Bethany*

Bethany: Don't we get a preview.

Others: wait what's going on?

LiLi: since I have my phone and you guys are on a chapter of this announcement, I do the typing, so which means you guys will shut up while I give them a sneak preview.

All: WAI--

USA Ladies Preview

You know their story from the start and through the finish, the girls seems to be taking it well to be famous. But they don't know that a price comes with it, But for Nadia, for dating the biggest boy band member is hard enough for her. With all the hate and more paparazzi, Can she handle all that? What about the girls, Charlotte, Bethany, Aubrey, and Mika? All those answers will come from these USA Ladies.

LiLi: I won't be posting the story any time soon though.

Others: Awwww


LiLi: biiiiiieeee!

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