New Story!?

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Hey hey hey lovies!

Okay so now this is finish I'm not going to go straight to the sequel just yet? I know sucks I'm working on it but I have to delete some chapters and read it over cause they won and I know that Nadia and Harry are secretly dating but I just need to fix things.

So I have two stories left for Liam and Niall, I don't know which to decide so I just decided to go for Niall one.

It's called Fall Once

It's about an average girl who goes to Middleton High in Ireland where her bully Niall Horan is there.

Her name is Payton Hills, she has dark brown hair and light Emerald eyes and it gets brighter In the summer and gets dull in the winter.

Anyways they don't that they're secretly dating they're just in denial till Payton decided to do something for Niall.

I think this is a cute story It kinda resembles to true love and opposite personalities.

Anyways I hope you read it!


~Hal ^•*

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