Chapter 49: One More Day

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Chapter 49

One More Day

Bethany P.O.V.

Holy Moose! We've only have One More day left before the Finals!

As we were doing sound checks for every song we all got it down, as Kelly clapped.

"You girls are doing great I promise you everything is going to be okay", she said as her hand was on our shoulders.

"You got it down, I mean that rapping skills Nadia and Bethany, that's amazing your going to kill the crowd and also Beautiful is a wonderful song that reach out to all the girls who have insecurities", she said as we agreed.

"It's really scary cause we're the only group you have and it's the Finals it's crazy", I said as we agreed.

"Yes it is, and the only two girl group that made it through the Finals is Little Mix and Fifth Harmony, usually girl groups don't make it this far in the US or UK?"

"Are you saying we may be like Little Mix?", Nadia asked.

"Well just if the public votes then probably yes", we sighed, "but don't get it into your head get some good rest and well see you tomorrow practice where we're doing dress rehearsals"

As we nodded and walked off to our bags as we walked into the van.

"I can't wait till this competition is over", Mika said laying back as we agreed.

"What happen if we do win, despite the whole tour thing what will we do?", Charlotte asked.

"Well Kelly has to hire our manager, some dancers and well start our song?", Nadia said.

"And me and you are only 17 we have to finish our Senior year", I said.

"Aww we have to go back to school?"

"No, she probably going to hire a tutor and have them be on the road with us so we can learn and go on stage", I said.

"Umm what about me I have to finish my high school?", Nadia said, as we looked at her.

"Your only 18?", Charlotte said.

"I turned 18 few months ago"

"When your birthday?"

"August 10th 1995"

"Then your one year late?", Aubrey said.

"Well...yeah I started off kinda of late?", she said.

As we laughed and as we reached home.

We walked in and sighed we all lazily walked up to our room and laid back on our beds.

"So Aubrey what did you and Gabe were talking about last night?", Mika said.

"Hm.. Oh just talking about our lives"

"Ah interesting..",Charlotte said as we laughed.

"......Gubrey..."Nadia said as we looked at her.

"Sorry thinking shipper name, like Bika,Hadia, C....did we even came up with Charlotte and Beau?", she asked as we looked at Charlotte.

"No..I don't think so?", I said.

"Hmmm... Cheau?", Mika said.

"I guess yeah now you and Kieron",Nadia said.

"Bireon!", Charlotte said as we looked at her.

"Or Kethany?"

"Bireon sounds like beer?", I said.

"So Kethany?", Nadia said.

"Sounds like a disease?", I said.

"Umm okay what's his last name?", she asked.


"Hmm Garren it Drey?", She suggested.

"Drey!", the girls said.

"Drey it is, so Hadia, Drey, Cheau, Gubrey, and Bika"

"I can't believe you created shipper names for us?", I said as the girls agreed.

"Hey we got some good looking men", she said as we laughed.

"What? We got Harry Styles, Kieron Darren, Gabe Woods, Ben Wolf, Beau Brooks?"

"It's weird how we just met them like during the show?", I said as we were staying so quiet.

" More day man", Charlotte said.





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