Chapter 3: Comments of Surprises

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Chapter 3

Comments of Surprises

*Short Chapter sorry :(*

Nadia P.O.V.

As it was dead quiet and I thought I did pretty good cause I hit every high note.

As Simon Cowell stood up and began to clap follow by Demi then Paulina, then Kelly then the whole crowd doing a wolf whistle and cheering.

I smiled as I release my nerves that was in my body.

As they sat back down and looked up at me.

"There are no words to describe how incredible that was, I mean I got to say that was the first ever best audition performance we ever had in the show in impress Nadia", Demi said as my smiled crazily.

"Thank you so much"

"I have to agree with Demi, I see something in your eyes the confident and the fireworks that you sharing with the crowd that makes the crowd stand up, that a singer we're looking for", Kelly said as everybody cheered.

"I'm in love with you, your voice your notes, every notes you hit was perfectly, this is the stardom we're looking for on this show and I'm looking toward to see you here", Paulina said as I smiled once again and thanked her.

"I have to agree with the ladies here, I want to see more of you and I want to see what's going in in the future cause this is why we need for the X-Factor", he said as the crowd cheered once again.

"Thank you so much"

"Now are we going to vote?", Demi asked as they all nodded, "it's an easy yes for me!"

"Yes", Kelly said.

"A million times yes!", Paulina said as everybody cheered, as everybody looked at Simon.

"Well congrats Nadia you made it through bootcamp", he said as I screamed and jumped as I run off the stage and the crowd wolf whistle as I run downstairs and hugged my family.

I grabbed my iPhone and call my two best friends, Summer and Renee.

"Hello?", Summer answered.

"Wait, let me call Renee", I said as I added her to the phone call conversation.

"Hello?", she finally pick up.

"Hey girls this is Nadia, and guess what?", I said so happy and crazy at the same time.


"I made it through the X-Factor auditions!", I yelled as they cheered with me and I laughed.

"Oh my gosh Nadia! I'm so happy! My best friend is about to become famous!", Renee said.

"Oh shush in not going to be famous yet"

"Well we're proud of you Nadia, we can definitely see a future ahead of you", Summer said.

"I know right, that why everybody told me"

For about few minutes we talked till we have to drive back and pack my stuff cause I need to be in LA for bootcamp and plus it's going to be different this year.

We're not going to sing to then in front of the people who auditioned they're going to put us in rooms and they're going to base the singing onto our audition performance.

I just hope I will get through of bootcamp or else I will be crushed....


Sorry about the short chapter cause really it's gong to be a short chapter with their opinions of her and I want a separate chapter for the bootcamp so hope you enjoy this short chapter.

~Hal xx

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