Chapter 12: Promise with Our Secrets

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Chapter 12

Promise with Our Secrets

Nadia P.O.V.

As I woke up in the morning, me and the girls have to go to a studio to do a little interview for the intro.

I did all my usual bathroom routine as I put on shorts and a black crop top with a white jacket, as I put on my converse.

I grabbed my bag as the other girls came out.

"Ready?", I asked, they all nodded as we walked out.

We went to the van as they drove to our destination. We got there and we went to the studio to do a little interview.

The stylist made us little bit freshen up, they only added little power around my face and my hair waved down. I wore a blue T-shirt as we walked on top of the roof.

As I got up there was cameras set around and couches to sit on.

As I sat down on the top of the couch as Mika,Beth,and Aubrey in the front and Charlotte, as they fixed my hair as went back.

"Okay girls your going to introduce yourself and talk about the incredible week you have an show you felt when your going through the Top 12 and what this week is going to be about, got it?", he asked as we nodded.

"And go!", he said.

"Hello my name is Charlotte Worth"

"I'm Nadia Parry"

"I'm Mika Toronto"

"I'm Bethany Grey"

"And I'm Aubrey McKenna"

Nadia: "and we're.....", as we drum roll with our hips.

"Intensify Unison!"

Bethany: "this week was incredible so far, I didn't know how it was going to work out when we got put together as a girl group, but some how we pull it off and it was awesome how we're closer together", as we nodded and I was looking down the whole time and I looked back at the camera.

Charlotte: "to be honest, when we did our first live show, I thought we were going home but we didn't cause Kelly knew that we can do this together and win this competition"

Aubrey: "being in a girl group with four girls that are different then you is...actually really amazing cause your really nervous but you have girls around you who can are there with you on stage and it's amazing how I'm lucky to have these girls around me"

Mika: "this week is Rock week, and we're doing Bring me Back to Life, has a little but of rock in it, my dad use to be in a rock band but not a famous jus a town band that everybody knew, but he retired from the band cause well my mom was pregnant with my sister and he has to retire so he can take care of his family"

Nadia: "I always sing rock music back home and my mom always record me and said to me

'Bubbie one day you will shine'

And I'm guessing I'm shining with these girls and it's awesome to shine with these girls" as the girls giggled at my little nickname.

Charlotte: "we will rock this performance!", she shouted as she points her hand up in the air and we cheered and they stopped filming.

"Good job girls", he said, we thanked him as we went to practice the song with our vocal coach.

Harry P.O.V.

"Great job lads, you will definitely get the crowd pump", as our instructor said, we keep practicing Midnight Memories.

As we grabbed our bags and walked to the van, I'm this close to see Nadia Parry. Okay I just sound like she is a celebrity and I'm the girl whose fan-girling.

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