Chapter 35: We Can Do This

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Chapter 35

We Can Do This

Nadia P.O.V.

"The act that will be going home is..",

Right now Sweet Perfection and Jackson Riddle just sang against each other and Mario is telling which act will be sending home. By that he going to compare the votes that he has and if one has a shorter votes then the other person is going home.

"Sweet Perfection!", he said as the lights pointed to them as me and the girls mouth drops the crowd began to 'Boo'.

"Sorry ladies what do you have to say?"

"We want to say thank you to the public for voting for us and supporting us through we love you guys", Lauren said as the crowd cheered.

"Ok thank you ladies, and congrats Jackson you are safe to go to the Top 6 why do you feel?"

"Well it's pretty scary at first and that means I have to do better next week and I have to say these girls are the bomb but it's so sad to see them go home", he said as we cheered and he hugged all the girls.

"Kelly what do you have to say about this?"

"these girls are amazing and I'm so proud to work with them, and they will have a future ahead of them I know it"

We cheered for them as she hugged the girls

"One last time give it up for Sweet Perfection!", he said as we cheered and we all clapped.

As they all came down we went up to them and hugged them.

I hugged Lauren and a tear began to roll down.

"It's ok, I will be fine", she said.

"I'm sorry it sucks when a friend is leaving"

"I know and it sucks to leave here you guys are like family to me, oh come here to y'all!", she said as we hugged her, as Jessica,Jenny, and Lacey joined in the group hug.


*next day*

As I helped Lauren and Jessica with their luggage and when we closed the trunk I backed away from the car as they looked at us and we just smiled.

"Well it was really nice seeing you guys and you guys are the best and tell me you will win", Jenny said tearing.

"We can't make a promise that we can't do?", I said.

"I'm not asking you for a promise, I'm asking you to be the winner cause you girls deserve it your like little sisters to me", she said as we hugged her.

"Well it's our last goodbye", Lauren said as they got into the car and when they drove off we waved at them as they turned and left.

I sighed.

"Girls I just recognize something?", Mika said as we turn.

"What?", We asked.

"The Semi-Final is in two weeks..."

"Then the Final is in three weeks?", I said as we gulped.

"Well, Kelly wants us to be at her house right now", Aubrey said as we nodded.

The van came up as we got in we drove to Kelly house, as we stopped we walked out and knocked on the door.

She open and smiled.

"Hey please come on in", she said as we head in and we sat in the living room and there was a camera man.

"So girls how you feeling?"

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