Chapter 32: You can Count On me

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Chapter 32

You Can Count on Me

Nadia P.O.V.

**Half an hour before they go on**

As I was getting ready for the show tonight I was wearing a white crops top and a black suspender skirt, I skirt goes to my mid-thighs and the shirt only goes to my belly button.

As I was wearing whit high socks and dark red velvet Doc Martins as my hair was straighten and I wore a black hat.

My make up is gold shimmery eyeshadow, with liquid eyeliner to make my greenish grayish eyes pop out more as I out on my butterfly mascara that brings my eyelashes curled up more, I put on natural light pink shade lipstick.

As I went to the little room to grab a snack, I looked over the various of food as I kits grabbed a juice pouch and a banana.

As I felt a presence beside me I looked up and saw Harry. I wonder what he's doing here instead of being with his girlfriend.

I poked the straw open and stab it into the little hole as I took a sip.

"Hey Nadia", he said.

"Hey", I said with a monotone, as I didn't face him I looked at the wall past his shoulders.

"Good luck.."

"Thanks...", I said as I walked out but he grabbed my wrist and pulled me back.

"Hey are you okay? You seem like you hate me?"

"Why do you care about me and my feeling Harry? all you can do is break it"

"Huh?", he asked confused.

"How about you and Kendall talk about each other feelings while I will walk out puking instead cause I saw you two sharing that kiss few days ago when I came back and I felt heart broken", I said pushing his arms away but he gripped it.

"Let me go!"

"No! Nadia I'm so sorry you gotta listen to me---"

"No I don't want hear your sob story--", with that he pulled me to him and kissed me on the lips as sparks randomly flew in my stomach, I was shocked as I began to kiss back. No no this is wrong... My inner voice said.

As I pushed him off and looked at him in disbelief.

"Is that a way for you to think that I will take you back? then your wrong", I said.

"Nadia-", with that I walked out and going to meet up with the girls.

"Hey there you are? What happen you seem so pale?", Aubrey said.

" know just nervous for the performance since our families are out there in the front row..."I said.

"Well we will do great girls and I believe in you", Mika said as we grabbed our hands and we looked at each other and we smiled.

**Half an hour later**

"Ready girls?", the name with the little head mic asked as we nodded.

"Ok we will kicked it off with Intensify Unison right after this break so stick around.."we heard Mario and those words that we always hear again.


On cue the stage crew went on stage as we waited till they're done setting the little lights around our spots. As we walked out we saw that they're fixing it and the stage crew is putting each of the mic stand five feet apart.

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