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Chapter 27: Charlotte Break

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Chapter 27

Charlotte Break

Charlotte P.O.V.

As Me, my sisters, my parents and Beau were just sitting around playing Monopoly.

"So Beau promise you won't hurt my little sis?", my older sister, Brianna said, people said we have the exact same smile.

"I promise I won't", he smiled and kissed my cheek, I blushed.

"So Beau how's Jai?", my young 15 year old sister, Amelia said.

"Ami?! I told you Jai is mine!", Tyra said my 14 year old sister.

As they were arguing Beau was chuckling as he wrapped the blanket around us and I cuddle closer.

"So Charlotte how's the show so far?", my mom asked.

"Good, and I can't believe there posters that said 'vote for Intensify Unison' I said chuckling.

"Yep! Around here people here loves you", My dad said.

"I can tell"

"So Charlotte you never told us how you guys got the name?", Ami asked.

"Well It was the day that we got put into a band and we were thinking of a band name and I was looking at Nadia shirt and saw I think a sign that said Intensity and I said

'What about Intensity Unison?' " as Tyra interrupted me.

"Is that you how you guys got the name?"

"No, the girls disagree with it and they decided Intensity XO, but soon as Kelly put us through live shows she told us to change the name so we've been over thinking and decided to keep Intensity but change it to Intensify, then they decided Intensify Unison, and I told them that was my Idea but they acted like they don't know what they're talking about"

"Ah and Beau you two met at the mall?", My dad said.

"Yes we did I saw her sitting in front of the Apple Store"

"What were you doing on front of an Apple Store?", Brianna asked.

"Nadia needed a phone case so I told her I will wait cause it's pretty crowded in there"

"So what is the theme for the live show?", Beau asked me.

"The theme is best friend and family and how we love them so much and me and the girls already got on idea"

"Really what song are you girls singing?", Brianna said now rolling the dice.

"Not telling you you guys have to watch the show to find out", I chuckled.

"Darn it! Anyways where does the girls live?", Ami said.

"Nadia lives in Miami Florida,

Bethany lives in California, Malibu

Aubrey lives in California, San Diego,

And Mika lives in New York City"

"Ah anyways I got a Chance card

'Go to Jail'

DANG IT!", Tyra said, as we laughed, as my phone rang.

As I answered it, and walked to the other room to answer this in private.

"Hello?", I answered.

"CHARLOTTE!", Bethany yelled.

"Ow! Bethany why are you yelling?"

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