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Chapter 43

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I sigh as I look around me again before walking out of the pack house. I know I told Zoro to meet me at midnight, and it's only eleven, but I feel like I need to go scope out the place I wanted to meet Zoro at incase someone else is there, or if someone is following me.

I walk to the small clearing of where I first met Charles, it causes me to smile, but I'm not sure why. I feel as if my whole relationship with Charles when downhill from when we first met.

I heard him complaining about his family. I knew that something was wrong with him, his family, and whoever had crossed him over. I knew it wasn't a situation that I wanted to be a part of, but got myself messed up in it anyway.

Now, here I am waiting for said man's father in the clearing where we first met to tell him I have to kill him, but not really, otherwise he, and the rest of his enormous family will die.

"Mason? Is that you?" I whip around and hold my chest as Zoro steps out of the dark and I to the cleari by wearing a black hoodie and some dark jeans. I groan with embarrassment at his cocky little smirk before sighing.

"God, dammit, don't do that. I'm creaked out enough as it is." I hiss as I walk closer to him before sitting down. Zoro follows my movements while muttering a sarcastic sorry.

"Anyways, there is an entirely different reason that I told you to meet me here." I mutter as I glance around me again. I pull out the notebook from inside my jacket and lay it out between the two of us.

"So, I need a way to show Charles that I'm sorry for running away the past few days. I was hoping that you could help me." I say while looking him in the eye and twitching one of my eyes slightly so he can tell I'm trying to wink but not wanting to just in case someone is watching.

"Of course! I would do anything to make my baby happy." Zoro exclaims quietly as he clasp his hands together in fake glee.

"Alright, so these are the supplies that I have. That I am going to use on him." I write down the name of the drugs I had snatched from the hospital earlier. I show them to Zoro and watch as his face pales but he nods anyways.

"When are you planning on using them?" He asks as he leans back away from the paper.

"Hopefully in the next day, maybe around lunch." I say as I look in his eyes. Tears fill his eyes but he nods anyways before clearing his throat and continuing.

"Okay, what about after? What will we do then?" He asks as he tilts his head.

"Well, it'll last for about two days, enough time for everyone to realize what is going on, and then we're homefree, and then we can go to part two." Zoro nods before looking at me.

"And whats part two of this plan?" I purse my lips as I look down at the picture.

"I'll tell everyone what is going on, tell them about the plan. They'll understand, and then you'll come in and tell them your part of the plan." I say as I write something down on the plan.

"Here is the name of an alpha that I think has something we can use. It's been been a while since I've talked to him, but if we want this to be perfect then we'll have him in the end." Zoro nods and takes the paper from me.

"Okay." He breath wavers as he stares at me. "I'll see you at lunch?" I see tears in his eyes, but we both know this has to be done.

"Yeah, I'll see you at lunch." I say quickly before standing up and starting the walk back to the pack house in silence.

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