Chapter 37

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My eyes felt as if they weighed a hundred tons. I knew that crying would take a lot of energy out of me, one of the many reasons that I would excuse myself from not crying. If I felt bad about something I did, and I knew I should be crying, I reasoned that it would only tire me down, and I couldn't have that, any kind of rouge could come up and hurt me, I couldn't let something happen to me, I needed to stay safe, because even though I was a rouge, and thought I hated all packs, I secretly wished that someday I would have what I have now.





Everything I had hidden away deep in my heart, everything I denied that I needed, was what I needed all along. I never needed all the things in life that people thought they needed. I didn't need the new set gadget or gismo. I didn't need that stuff, I needed love, and as sad as it sounds, I didn't know that. I thought I was one of the unlucky people in life that end up alone, sad, and angry. I thought I would be a lone wolf, a rouge, my whole life, but look at where I am now.

I'm happy.

I don't remember a time on my life where I was happy before I came here. I don't even remember my parents ever loving me. In the few short years I remembered them, that they were alive, I knew they hated me. They hated that I was a lowly omega that couldn't do anything.

I tried to prove then wrong, begging to me alpha to let me train with them, which was a mistake, one of the reasons he hated me so much. He thought that, like most people, that Omega's are weak, and aren't allowed to do anything in pack beside serve. He thought like everyone else, and that's why I thought I never needed what I did.

I didn't need a mate who would look down at me because I was an omega, I didn't need another alpha to beat me while everyone watched. I didn't need everything that I was given.

I just needed love.

"Are you alright now, Mason?" I look up at Charles. After everyone took turns giving me hugs - even Riley, who I think has warmed up to me since our first meeting - before they took their leave to leave Charles and I alone to talk, although I spent the last half an hour crying, not much talking was done besides Charles cooing to me.

"Yeah, my emotions have been building up for years, and when the doctor said that I needed to talk about my mentality, it's when everything came flooding in. I just am now noticing how lucky I am. To end up here, with you as my mate and your huge a*s family around to make it all so much better. I never thought I needed this kind of stuff, I always thought this kind of stuff was overrated, but now I know, now I have seen, and felt. It's so important, and I never want to let it go. Please don't ever let me leave. Please don't ever let someone take me away" I plead as I look up at Charles. I don't want to tell him about what Darean had said, but he can use this as a warning. His eyes flash with confusion before he nods slowly and presses me back against his chest.

"I promise, Mason. I won't let anyone take you away from here. I won't let anyone take you away from the happiness that you have and have deserved for so long. I would never allow anyone to take away someone so precious from me. I can't believe that you had to live a life without love. But now it just gives me a reason to love you beyond what is needed. I'll always love you Mason, no matter what." My eyes water as I clutch onto Charles shirt. I don't return the three little words that desperately want to fall from my mouth, I have to make sure my family is safe, only when I know for sure, will I allow myself to say those three little words, and until then, I'll show Charles everyday how true they are.

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