Chapter 20

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"Do you want to go down for breakfast?" Charles asks after a moment of silence. I nod to him before standing up and standing in my spot. I forgot the fact that I don't have any clothes beside the ones that I am wearing, and with the way Charles is built, I don't think I am going to fit any of his things.

Charles heads to the door and turns back to look at me when he doesn't hear me behind him.

"What's wrong?" He questioned as he quirks an eyebrow. I smile at his cute expression before gesturing to my clothes.

"What am I suppose to wear. These are dirty and I want to look presentable to meet your family." I answer him in a 'duh' tone. He smirks at me before going to his drawers. He pulls out a shirt and a pair of boxers and threw them at me.

"Here, these should work." He said as he turned around to give me privacy. I smile at his movement before quickly stripping and putting on the clothes. I notice his shirt goes down to my knees and his underwear doesn't even show up underneath it. I know positively that he purposely did this, I mean the shit eating grin on his face definately tells me that he planned this.

"Let's go." I grumble as I walk in front of him and walk down the long hallway.

The whole way to the kitchen I can feel Charles' appreciative glance on my ass and legs. If I knew he was going to be this horny I would have just worn my dirty clothes.

A few turns from the kitchen I can here the loud noises coming from the room. I stutter my steps a second but then steel my body and march along to the kitchen. I can feel Charles' amusement at me but I didn't let it bother me. I don't know what I was walking into, but I knew it wasn't going to be easy, so of I had to give myself a pep talk, then I was going to give myself a pep talk.

Come on Mason, it's only his family, you should be lucky it isn't the whole pack.

What if they hate me?

They aren't going to hate you, Zoro has already made that we'll known, the guy practically loves you. He has said, and implied, it a million times.

I huff in iritation at myself before turning around to see Charles amused expression. I huff at him also before gesturing for him to go ahead of me. He smiles mockingly before exaggeratedly making his way onto the roudy kitchen. I follow after him and balk at the immense amount of people in the room. I can see Charles parents, Uncle Rason, and a bunch of kids. I don't know how Charles stays sane.

"Now I understand your inner struggle." I whisper in his ear. He let's out a belly laugh before pulling my into his side. I blush as all the attention is shifted to us, mainly me.

"Hey guys, this is Mason, my, mate." Charles said as he thrusts me forward a step so I was in front of him. My face gets even redder as I shyly wave at then before turning back to Charles. He ignores my pleading look and pushes us farther into the room.

"Mason! How are you? Did you sleep well? If you didn't I think I would have to knock some sense into my son." Zoro squealed as he came forward and squeezed me into his arms. My eyes widen when I felt my air supply depleting. Gasping noises came from my mouth as I tried to breath. Zoro pulled back to look at me before Gasping himself.

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