Chapter 32

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I watch as the three couples interact with the pups. Instantly two of them hit it off with two of the children. The couple that couldn't conceive talk to the little girl as she animatedly shows them what she has done during the day and what she thinks about all the Disney princesses.

One of the couples who lost a daughter are talking to an older boy of the group. He seems to be about seven and everything about spiderman entertains him.

The third couple seems to stay in the background for a few minutes as they look over the other couples and kids. I know they are uncomfortable to be here, apparently one of their close friends are mad that they decided to come today. I tried to tell them that no one would be allowed to judge them if they decided to take home a pup today, but they still seem to have taken their friends comment to heart.

Eventually they migrate to the youngest boy, who seems to be only two, and start up a conversation with him, as much as you can with a two year old, and I can see the love growing in their eyes by the second.

My eyes stray to the final two boys. Both seem extremely small for their ages, omegas, but their features are almost the same. Their brown hair and green eyes stand out against their pale skin, and the way they are holding hands, I can only assume they are brothers, and they don't want to be seperated.

I realize that no one chose to go up to them because of this. They instantly recognized the two small boys as brothers, and omegas, most people wouldn't willingly adopt an omega, unless you are an alpha, Alpha's just have a weird connection with omegas, thats why most of them end up mated to eachother.

I also know that the couples we brought along today are young. Most of their pups were under the age of five, so, they most likely aren't ready to have two kids yet, and with the way the boys along here clutching on to eachother, I wouldn't have the heart to break them apart either.

I stand up and head over to where the two little boys are sitting. Charles gives me a questioning look, but I ignore him before sitting down in front of the two boys and grabbing a couple different blocks.

"So, what are you names?" I ask softly as I keep my gaze down on the blocks. From experience I know that I was extremely nervous when another, older wolf would ask me anything. I would almost hyperventilate, and the only reason I didn't is because I didn't keep eye contact with them, otherwise I within I would have died at the age of six.

"I'm Darean, and this is my brother Dalota." The older boy spoke softly as he fiddled with his own block, but his hand never left his little brothers.

"I'm love your names, they're so unique. Mine's not that unique, it's only Mason. So do you mind if I ask how old you are?" I grab a few more blocks and decide to make a car. I always loved all the different things you can do with blocks, but making cars will always be my favorite.

"I'm five, and Dalota is three." He answered so softly that I knew another presence had joined us, if the constant sparks weren't any other indication.

"Hi, boys. I'm Charles, Mason's mate. I was wondering if I could hang out with you, my little brother left me to play with some other kids." I smiled up at Charles before casting a quick glance at Darean and Dalota.

Darean's cheeks are red from all the attention and Dalota has taken to hiding in his brothers arm. It would be adorable if it wasn't a sign that he was nervous or sacred of us.

"If you want to." Darean finally answered as he peaked up at me. We locked glances for a second before he broke it by looking back at the blocks. His cheeks became an even rosier color.

Charles crouches down besides me before grabbing a few of the blocks for himself. He sits down fully before swinging an arm around my shoulders and playing with the blocks.

It's quiet for a few minutes as we all sit playing with the blocks and Dalota hiding in his brothers arm.

"Why are you over here? We're omegas, no one wants us." Darean finally asks as his eyes fill with tears. My nose scrunched up in thought. What drew me over here?

"Omega's aren't bad, Darean. Don't ever think that. Just because you're an omega doesn't mean you don't deserve what everyone else gets. Mason is an omega, and he's my mate, and I didn't leave him. Now, I know Mason had something up his sleeve before we even came here, and when he approached you I knew my assumptions were right. Mason never was going to let any pups stay here, he was going to make sure all of you found homes, and I think you both just found one." Charles didn't break his gaze with Darean, and I'm surprised he hasn't fainted yet.

"Where?" Darean asks he grabs his brother around the shoulders and pulls him in closer to him.

"In the alpha suite in our pack."

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