Chapter 28

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I have never been more nervous for another person, but standing here, holding Ashton's hand as the rest of his family, the whole deal, aunt, uncles, everything, I'm feeling as if I was the one about to give an earth shattering speach, or that I'm the president. I don't know how those f*ckers do that kind of sh*t. I would crap my pants if I was elected president.

"I wanted to start by saying, that I know a lot of the stuff I am going to say is hurtful, but it's how I feel, and that I have lied a lot, my whole life, but I did it to keep everyone happy, but I can't keep it in anymore." Ashton speaks clearly although you could hear his voice tremble halfway through. Everyone was quiet as they looked at the two of us - mainly Ashton - and Ashton continued.

"I remember, what our old pack was like." Zoro gasped as his hands flew to his mouth, tears sprung from his eyes and Riley was quick to pull him into his side. "I remember every single person that had ever hurt us, just because of some stupid trait that our father was lucky enough to hold. Just because he was an omega he deserved to be beaten and raped, because he was an omega." Ashton took a deep breath as his jaw clenched, I saw the tears in his eyes, but I knew he would be able to hold out for a little whole longer until he finshed his story, then he would break down.

"It wasn't until lately that it really started coming back. It was flashes, pain from old injuries that I had received over the years. But then when that bitch showed up and kil....." Ashton's voiced crack. He cleared his throat quickly, but the damage had already been done. Tears poured down his cheeks in waves, but he didn't stop.

"I remember how we came to the world. I know two people have to conceive a baby, and I knew Papa wasn't my biological father. I could see their faces when they would come and hurt Daddy, and I would think of all the things that I had done over the years. I wanted to know if I was capable of doing all the bad things they did to us. And when she showed up, and Charles hid himself away, I thought it was because he was happy, because his birth-father loved to hurt people, so I thought that's what he wanted. He wanted all those innocent pups to die. That's why I was so rude, because I was scared, if Charles was turning out to be like that, then what about me, I'm the next oldest, I assume it would probably be me next, and I couldn't handle it, knowing that some day I might want to hurt someone and liking it." Ashton was full on sobbing as he clenched my hand. A few of the bones had broken, but I could care less. Tears traveled down my face at a slower rate. I didn't like crying in front of people, but now I was making an acception.

"Ashton knows that you didn't like hurting the pups, Charles, but he was scared, and he didn't know what to do. I know you don't like talking about it, but it seems to be a big problem dividing your family right now, in more ways then one." My gaze slid over to Rian as I talked. He glared back at me before his gaze shot to the floor, but the glazing in his eyes that I saw a moment before weren't a lie. He loves his family, he's just scared.

"I didn't like it, Ashton, and I understand how you feel that way. But I needed time to heal, I still haven't fully healed, but everyday seeing everyone's faces, yours, Mason's, Daddy's, Maven's, it's mending my broken heart. You don't get over something like what happened in an instant. You don't forget and move on. I don't know why I can't remember what happened to us as pups, but I know it was bad, because my brain has blocked it out, so I can't talk about that with you, but I am willing to talk about 'the bitch' if it will make you feel better." Ashton lifted his head and nodded at Charles. His gripped lessened my hand, and he was able to feel the broken bones in my hand.

"I'm sorry." He mumbled as he let go. I smiled wobbly at him while shrugging. It has already healed, so technically, it's in the past, and the past stays in the past.

"Baby, I'm so sorry. I never even thought that you would be having flashbacks. I've been a horrible father, I'll do whatever it takes to make you forgive me, and we can talk about what happened." Zoro sobbed as he launched himself at Ashton. Ashton only froze for a second before molding himself into his father's embrace.

"You haven't been a bad father, daddy. I love you, and I would like to talk with you, and Charles, about what's been happening recently." Ashton ed mumbled into Zoro's hair. Zoro sighed as he buried himself deeper into his sons chest.

Slowly everyone backed out of the room, hugging and kissing, cry and smiling, but we were all happy, because everyone finally was on the same page. Everyone was okay.

But it was only a little while longer that everyone would be okay, me expecially.

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