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Chapter 35

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"I can't believe you actually adopted them, and that no one has freaked out on you yet, granted most of the pack knows, and only family is aware that the two of you adopted them, and the few couples who went with you, but still, it's amazing that you did adopt them. I mean, I proably would have done something simular if I was in your shoes. I mean, no pup should be left without a home, Lyon is wonderful, but even he isn't a miracle worker, at least not enough to find four homes while being the alpha of a pack who already took in more then he had to." Ashton explains, basically to himself, as he throws a ball up and down before catching it.

Ever since we came back from adopting Darean and Dalota it's all he's talked to me about. Although I live talking about my sons, I know he is doing it because he doesn't want to talk about him, and although I don't want to push him, I want to know if he is doing any better then what he was before we left.

"Thank Ashton. I'm sure any of you guys would have done something, you all have hearts too big and full of love, but this isn't what I want to talk about, no matter how much I love taking about it." Ashton sighs before catching the ball a final time and turning to me.

"In fine, Mason. You don't have to constantly worry about me. I've been taking to Daddy and Charles, and it's helped a lot." Ashton says softly before standing up and heading for the door.

"I didn't mean to ruin the mood." I say softly, almost so quiet that I think he doesn't hear me, but eventually he turns around and smiles around me sadly.

"You didn't Mason. I love you, and I'm glad you're trying to help. I have to go help with dinner, so I'll see you in about an hour." Ashton gives me a final, sad smile before turning around and walking to what I am assuming is the kitchen.

I purse my lips but decide on not going after him. He said he's fine, and he didn't avert his eyes when he said so, so it means he isn't lying. I just wish that I would be able to close my mouth around him, because everytime we talk now it seems like every time he leaves he's more upset then when he comes.


"Mason? Can you help me get Dalota and Darean washed for bed? I have to go talk to Papa quick, then I'll be back." I nod at Charles before taking the scrubber from him and crouching down in front of the shower to continue his job of washing down the two omegas.

"Daddy?" I look down at Darean before giving him a small hum.

"There was this man outside today. He told me to tell you that you need to watch your back, because you won't like what happens if you don't." My blood runs cold as I hear the familiar words.


"Mason why can't you do anything right? What did I do wrong while raising you?"

I shy away from my enraged alpha. Words fall from my mouth before I could stop them.

"You don't raise me! I raised myself." My voice sound indignant, everything an omega shouldn't be. I'm not the omega people read about in books. The perfect submissive wolf. I hate the idea of someone ruling my life for me. At the young age of five I know that nothing will ever be the same just by the way the alpha looks at me.

"You better watch your back you little b*tch, because you won't like what happens when you realize what's going on. I'll male you regret ever being born!"

I whimper as I back away slowly, hoping that my small frame would be able to move faster then the Alpha's. My wish is broken when I feel large grimy hands wrap around my body. I scream loudly before everything turns black.

-End of flashback-

I jump when I feel hands touch my body. I scream and twist away from the hands that feel much like his. I hit my head on the side of the tub, and much like my flashback, everything turns black.

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