Chapter 14

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I try and contain my excitment as I see the pack house through the trees. I can't help but imagine my families expression as I introduce them to Mason. I know they will be suspicious at first, but then once they realise we really are mates, I know they will be happy for me. Well I know Daddy will be, I'm not sure about Papa, he seemed pretty upset about what I said to Ashton, but it had to be said. He needed to hear it and I don't regret anything I said. Yes, I wish everyone didn't have to hear it, but that's just how it is.

My excitment drops a few notches and I think Mason is able to tell, before he can ask though I hurry us forwards the next few yards before we breach the trees and are in the field. I notice no one is in the field, but that isn't new, since the accident most parents don't want there pups playing outside without them, or not playing outside at all, and I don't blame them.

I turn around and smile at Mason before pulling him up next to me, still running, to the pack house.

"Come on slowpoke! It's gonna take years if we go at that pace." I joke as I drag him around the yard. I no longer head in the direction of the pack house and just drag him around the yard.

I can hear his beautiful giggles from behind me as he stumbles over his feet to stay with me. Both of his little hands grasp one of mine as I tug him around. I can feel a small resistance from him so I know he is trying to dig his heals into the ground to stop me.

I look behind me and saw Mason's flushed face and large smile before turning back around, just in time to run into a large wall. I stopped so abruptly that Mason ran into my back before falling onto the ground, me quickly joining him. I tried to position my body so that I wouldn't fall on him but I could still hear the breath being knocked out of his lungs when my elbow jabbed into his stomach.

"Oh my gosh, are you okay?" I flip over to cheek on Mason, not even bothering to see what I had run into. I reach behind his head and feel for any blood or bumps and sigh in relief when I don't feel any. I look back to his face as see his breathing had gone back to normal.

"Yeah, your fat as$ only partially squished me." He muttered as he pushed me off of him before sitting up. I pout as I look at his dirty back, I help him get all of the grass and dirt off of him before finally looking up to see what we has run into. My mouth pops open in shock as I see Uncle Rason standing in front of us with a confused expression. His gaze shifts over to me and I look at the ground. I was only planning to tell my dad's and my siblings, although some are to young to even realise what a mate is, and I never thought about any of my other family members.

"Hey, Uncle Rason." I say purposefully so that Mason realises who the man is. I feel him freeze next to me from picking grass off of his shirt. His slowly looks up and I see him look at the tower that is my uncle. He must seem huge to him since he is tiny compared to me and Uncle Rason is a inch or two taller then me.

"Hey, Charles. I was coming to see your parents but saw you running around like a chicken with its head cut of and wanted to know who the poor kid was that you were dragging around, a kid that smells awful lot like rouge." He said as his gaze shifted between Mason and I. I looked at Mason before looking back to Uncle Rason and back again. Mason must feel my gaze because he gave me and small wobbly smile before nodding his head towards Rason. I breath out through my nose at his obvious worry and just decided to blurt it out.

"This is Mason. He's my mate, the real one."

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