Chapter 30

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"Mason, hurry up. We're leaving in five." Charles yelled from the car he had rented for the trip. After my suggestion Charles had set a meeting with the Alpha who had contacted him, only a few people showed up, two families, and a couple who isn't able to bare children. Charles assured them many times that they didn't have to go, but they all stood in their spots and only shook their head when he asked if they wanted to leave.

"I'm coming, jeez, calm yourself." I yell back before grabbing my sweatshirt and running down the stairs. The weather is only getting colder, and I can't do car trips without a sweater around to keep me warm. Something I learned when I first went into a car with Charles, he likes to keep it extremely cold, colder then I can handle, and I use to live in the woods.

I grumble the whole way done the stairs before flinging the heavy door back and stalking to the car. I love that we are giving the pups a home, but did we really have to wake up at four A.M to leave. I know it's a few hours away, and we plan to spend lunch at the pack, but did we really need to be up so early?

"Well, aren't you chipper this morning?" Charles teased as he waited outside the car while holding the door open for me. I grunt at him before sliding in the car. Jake, Charles's Beta, is driving the other car just in case we need more than one.

"Just shut up and drive." I grumble before hopping into the heated seat with a sigh. I hope I can at least get an hour of sleep during this ride, but I know that isn't a possibility, I envy the people who can fall asleep in cars or planes.

"Mason said a bad word!" I jumped in my seat and turned to look in the back. All the couples had opted to riding in Jake's car, and now I understand why. The overly awake seven year old boy sitting in the back seat of the eight seater car.

"Oh, I didn't know Maven was coming with. What a surprise?" I mutter to myself, truly okay with it. It'll help me wake up slightly, even if it is by him insistent screaming.

"Sorry, he begged me all night, and you crashed before I could tell you." Charles apologized half-as*sed as he jumped into the car and started up the engine. He motioned for Jake to follow him before pulling out onto the dirt road that led to town.

"The wheels on the bus..........." I groan as I flopped my head back in my seat. Maybe I underestimated how much annoyance I would feel from Maven joining us on this journey, and his singing of course.


"....that's why I always brush my teeth after going pee, it's much cleaner." Maven finished his hour long analogue on how he came to learn to brushing his teeth after peeing, even though I feel like it should be the other way around, but whatever floats his boat, right?

"That's amazing Maven, your so smart. I wish I had half the brain that you do." Charles commented sarcastically. I don't think he realized how annoying Maven would make this trip, but now he understand the stuggle, not that he cares, underneath all the annoyance in his eyes, I can see the joy and live he has while around Maven, and it's contagious. If I didn't love the turd so much I would have ripped his head of already.

"Oh thank god, we're here." I cry out when I see the road turn into a dirt road that leads to a huge pack house. Whoever this dude is must be have a lot of people in his pack, or is just rich.

"Okay. When we go in, be nice and polite. Lyon is a very, intense man, so don't feel pressured to do things, because underneath it all, he's a big teddy bear, I'm surprised he emailed about the kids at all, he probably wants to keep then all to himself." Charles dictated as he pulled into a spot located right in front of the main doorway to the pack house.

I noted mutely before getting out of the car and helping an excited Maven out of the car. He grabs Charles hand before dragging him after his skipping little body. I wait until Jake and the small group before taking the back. Ever since we got here my nerves have skyrocketed, and I'm not sure why. I take one last look behind me before following the rest of the group into the pack house.

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