Chapter 12

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When I first registered that my mate hinted to being the alpha, I have to admit, I was proud. Me, Mason Sanders, was the mate to an alpha, an alpha! I could prove to the world that I wasn't worthless, that I could be worth something to a pack, to fit in. But then the memories started flooding in, the whispers of words I wished to forget.

You're worthless Mason, no one is ever going to want you.

You should just die, no one wants a nobody like yourself.

You're just as worthless as your fag of parents. It's not normal for two men to have a baby. Men need to be men, not women. Women supply the babies, and men protect the pack. You have already failed at everything you were suppose to do, that makes you nothing but a failure.

I shake myself out of my past, it is something that I never need to dwell on because it always brings me down and into a pit of depression.

Once I saw the anger on my mates face when he could tell I wasn't happy that he was an Alpha I wanted to cower away. He seemed so happy before, but now that he knows of my dislike of him being an Alpha he seems a lot more defensive.

"So, what's it gonna be?" He asks me. I bit my lip, I want him but I don't want the baggage of being the alphas mate. I'm sure many people would be basking in the glory of being the alphas mate, but not me.

"Its not that I don't want you. I'm just....." I don't finish as I stare at a random tree. I feel his hand grab my chin gently as turn my head into his direction. I notice the thoughtful look in his eyes but try not to think to much into it.

"You don't have to be scared mate. I'll protect you from all the harm in this godforsaken world." He said as his thumb stroked my cheek in soothing motions.

"I'm not...." He cuts me off with a firm look that I know he doesn't want to hear it. I sigh knowing he's right and I am a little scared, but not a lot! Just a little!

"We can take it slow. I will introduce you to my family first, and when you feel comfortable I'll introduce you to the pack, and I need to tell you something, just so you understand why they might be a little wary of you." He said and I look at him warily. He said his pack was okay with rouges, but now he's saying they won't be okay with me being his mate.

"There was an accident, involving a women, she.... she pretended to be my mate." He claims as he looks down at the ground, tracing the designs I made earlier in the dirt. My brows furrow in confusion, how can someone pretend to be a person's mate?

"She convinced me of everything, well I can't say everything, my wolf knew something was up. One day she was, mad, and ran off, I couldn't find her but when I did......" He takes a deep breath while looking away. He blinks his eyes rapidly before turning back to me.

"She did something really bad and the pack will never forgive me for it." He finished off. He cleared his throat before standing up and lending me a hand. I took it with only a moment of hesitation and followed him through the trees and bushes.

"I'm sorry for what she did to you. That's horrible." I say trying to comfort him, I see him blink a few more times before he nodded.

"Thanks, mate." He murmured as he continued to pull me behind him. I think as he pulls me along amd a smile comes to my face as I realise something we forgot to do.

"So, mate. I never caught your name?" I say as I nudge his shoulder with mine. He laughs a full on belly laugh before turning around and smiling at me, possibly the hottest smile I have ever seen. I shyly smile back at him before tilting my head down.

"Its Charles. What's yours?" He says casually as he swings our arms back and forth, I no longer trailing behind him but striding along side of him. I shiver at his name and I know that it fits him.

"I'm Mason." I watch in surprised happiness to see him shiver when I say my own name. Maybe I can make this work, but the second I see something I don't like, I'm gone.

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