Chapter 42

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I run upstairs to Charles's office. I listen to make sure he isn't inside before I walk in and get behind his computer. I open a word document and begin typing.

An hour later I'm finished. I knew this would be the best idea because they wouldn't think about me writing a letter about pack finances equaling telling Zoro about me having to kill him. They don't know that I put secret messages into the letter.

I quickly push in the chair and make my way to the door, but before I can leave the door pops open and Charles is staring at me with anger-filled eyes. Crap.

"Did you find what you wanted? Or do you need so more time to find whatever you were looking for?" He asks as he leans on the door sill, trapping me in the room.

"I wasn't snooping in your computer, I was finished the letter for the pack finances for next month, like you asked me to do." I snarled as I cross my arms over my chest. I guess the coffee didn't really help my attitude like I thought it did.

"I thought you weren't going to do that anymore, since apparently you don't want to be a part of the pack anymore with your actions." I flinch away from Charles. His face becomes confused before he is able to school it back into a blank expression.

"I never said I wanted to leave the pack. You snuck around for weeks before I called you out on anything. I dissapear for two days and you freak out that I'm cheating on you. I guess you know how I felt for weeks while you dissapeared making us a house, sadly I don't think we are ever going to have the chance to use it based on how our relationship is going." I say sadly before I push past him, ignoring the sparks that ignite between our bodies.

"Mason, wait!" I turn around and see the aprehensive look on his face.

"Do you want me to proof read it? I mean, I don't mind." He asks quickly changing his mind from what he was originally going to say.

"No, I'm fine. I was going to have Zoro look over it, but thank you for offering." I give him a final smile before tubing around and heading to the daycare, where Zoro spends most of his days now.


I groan when I hear the amount of kids yelling and screaming in the daycare, but quickly the annoyance and irritation are covered by the guilt earing away at my stomach.

I see Darean and Dalota sitting in the corner of the room playing with some blocks while giggling to eachother. I'm already a bad father and have been ignoring my two kids for a few days. Hopefully Charles has been a better parent then I have.

I walk over to Zoro quickly who is playing with Hannah.

"Hey Zoro, I was wondering if you could proof read this?" I ask as I hand him the stapled papers. Zoro raises an eyebrow but takes the papers.

"May I ask why you chose me?" He ask asks he take out a pen and begins reading over the report. He frowns quickly while circling a word.

"Well, Charles is mad at me, and Riley, my next choice is also not happy with me, so you were the final alone best option." I summarize as lean back and forth on my feet.

"Is it okay if I go hand out with Darean and Dalota while you read through that?" I ask as I take another look at the two small boys. Zoro nods and continues reading the report. My heart pounds in my chest when I see him circle another word before I turn away.

"Hey boys, I'm sorry I've been gone the past couple of days, hut I promise when Charles as I figure things out that everything will be all better." I say as I crouch next to the two small omegas. They both smile at me and Darean pats the floor next to him.

"What are you guys playing? It seems fun." I ask as I get settled in next to them. They turn and giggle at eachother before turning back to me.

"We are playing destroy the building, but you can only do it by using other toys." I smile at the boys before sitting back and watch as they destroy the block tower over and over again with various toys.

"Daddy, are you mad about what I said to you when you were giving us a bath? I didn't mean to make you upset." Darean suddenly says knocking me out of my day dream. I open my mouth to answer but I feel a body standing over us.

"What did you say to him?" Zoro asks as he looks between the three if us. I see Darean opening his mouth, ready to say the few words that make my blood yunr to ice.

"Its was nothing, and no, baby, I'm not mad. Now, I have to talk to Zoro for a minute, I'll be right back." The smile at me before continuing their game.

I turn and stand up to face Zoro. He continues to stare at me for fora few seconds before he shakes his head and hands me back the pages.

"You had any lot of extra words. I circled them." I nod and grab the pen out of his hand. He makes a noise of objection but I only wave him off.

"I'll write down the words so I don't forget them." I explain as I grab a blur post-it note.

I write down all the words and hand it to Zoro.

"Does this look right?" I ask as he reads the paper, Zoro's face turns pale before he nods and hands the paper back to me.

"Yeah, you got them allm" I give him credit for not having a shaky voice as he answered if I got a note like the one if gave him I would have peed my pants.


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