Book Three

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Here is the summary and Title for the final book in The Cure Series!!!!!!!

Ashton has always been alone in his mind. Drowning in his memories of a pack that did everything to break him, and that's what he is, broken.

Ashton tries to hide everything from his family, and after his break down a year ago, he thinks that they are finally convinced that his problems have disappeared.

Ashton floats around the pack house, wondering what his place is in a world where he doesn't even want to be, but when he meets Leonel, his mate, he realizes what he is meant to be, and it's so much more then he could have ever imagined.

Ashton and Leonel are a match made by Cupid himself, but could someone else with a bow take their love away just like it was given?

Follow their story as they fight courageously for the love that they both deserve.

In The Love Cure.

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