Chapter 33

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I don't know what came over me,  I knew Mason's idea before he even came up with it, because it was the same idea that I had. I wasn't going to let any pup stay here, Lyon is a wonderful alpha, but no one in his pack is willing to take anymore pups in, they've already done more then they had to, now it's our turn to step up and help the pups.

I didn't realize that the two small boys in front of us would be what we came to. I didn't come here today thinking to adopt, but I think Mason and I are thinking the same thing.

We want them.

I know Dalota - a fricking adorable name - hasn't spoken one word to us, but I saw how he was interacting with the other pups earlier.

He was almost underneath the table trying to get away from them, but when Mason sat down across from them, he sat up straighter and his eyes instantly widened with hope.

The three year old boy isn't stupid. He sensed the kindness in Mason's heart the second he sat down, and he knew he had just found a home.

Sure, when I came over he hid, but I was expecting it. I'm an alpha, and although I will always feel a strong bond for all omegas, omega's are naturally scared of men bigger and stronger then them. He felt my power when I approached them, and that's what scared him.

I will always have a special place in my heart for all omegas, but something about the two tiny boys sitting in front of us with only a table with blocks seperating us, makes my heart warmer, makes it feel bigger then I even knew it was, because my wolf thought of them as his pups, he thought of them as his.


I wanted to be shocked that Charles knew that I was intending on bringing every pup home with us, but I was surprised when he said that we were going to adopt the two boys. I wasn't going to argue with him, the two little boys in front of us seemed so sad, and I knew that the two of us could make their lives better then they ever imagined it would be.

"Yeah. Charles and I would love for you to come live with us, in our pack." I say softly as to not scare the small pup. He looks up at me with wide eyes and gaped mouth. I know he never assumed he would be adopted, him amd his brother, but now he is, and he doesn't know what to do or say.

"Weally? You are weally going to take us home wif you?" I'm startled put of my thoughts when a tiny little voice speaks. We all turn to Dalota as he stares at the both of us. Charles smiles softly at him before nodding.

"Yeah, Sweetheart, we are going to take you home with us." A large smile is on Charles face as he says these words. I remember a time when I told Charles that I didn't want to have pups until we are both older, and he agreed, but now, that the opportunity finally came up, we aren't going to pass up the chance.

"Yes! Darean, we get two daddies now." Dalota exclaims as he runs around the small table and throws his arms around the both of us, although his arms don't even reach around our backs. I chuckle when Darean follows his younger brother's lead and wraps his arms around us.

For right now, all we need is eachother, and that'll be enough.

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