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Chapter 48

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I'm sitting next to Charles, who is sitting at the head of the table. Riley sits at the other end and nods at Charles to begin.

"Alright. So, I'm not sure everyone has been fully informed, but the lives of my mate, my family, and myself, have been threatened by a group of people." A few people suck in breaths of disbelief before they look at all of us in the room that had been mentioned.

"We don't know the extent of the threat, and nothing has been done to try and end our lives yet, but we don't want to take any chances. Warriors, you will have longer patrol hours because more then five of you will be at one post at a time. I know that this is stressing, but it is what we need to do to protect the females and pups of the pack. The females, will begin to get some training, if they are able to, to keep themselves from harm just in case they need to. We will use the safe rooms to keep the children amd unfit women in, so that they can be safe no matter what. I know that some might not like this, but my father and I have discussed this, but we would like the trained females to stay out of the safe rooms to protect the inside of the house just in case a few of the enemy slip past us."

People begin to shout in rage thinking that their mate or child might be in harms way. I would agree with them, when did Charles and his father agree to this, since Chalres has been with me all day, holding me to his chest as he soothingly ran his hand through my hair, it's a little depressing to think that he was talking to his father as he was comforting me.

"I know, I know. I don't want to have to do this earlier, but all of our allies are currently dealing with their own problems right now, so we have to do this by ourselves. I wouldn't do any of this if it wasn't necessary." Charles speaks up as he calms down the crowd, waiting until the last person has stopped yelling.

"You guys are my pack, my family. And I will do everything in my power to keep you all safe. I'm not saying we will be atracked, but if we are we want to be ready, not in the dark with everything that is happening, because if that is what happens then this pack will no longer be. I need to know that everyone here is willing to do what they have to to keep this pack safe, to keep this pack's future secure." The room is quiet before everyone begin to talk in unison.

"I am willing, and I will obey." Charles smiles at the crowd before dismissing them. Charles waits until everyone leaves before grabbing my hand and dragging me back to the room. I don't  ask any questions because I know he just need some reassurance. Reassurance that we are going to be okay, they everything is going to be okay.

I need the reassurance too, but I wouldn't be surprised if none of this works out in the end, because so far my life has been nothing but disappointment.

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