Chapter 52

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Cadmar was right in assuming my powers. Most of my powers centered around emotions. Mind reading, healing, emotion sensory, mind eraser, and persuasion. I still didn't think there was any way that these could benefit me during the fight, but Zoro and Cadmar were eager to remind me that everything would be made into light when the battle started, that my body would take over and do what I need to do.

We walked back into the house and Charles had announced to us thay they had thought of a plan, although it didn't seem like much of a plan. All they had decided was that we would sneak to the border and then just raid them. I mean, that is probably something I would think of, so I can't really say anything because then it would be hypocritical of me to say it is a bad plan, even though it kind of is.

Cadmar also seemed a little disappointed when he came in and heard there plan, but he only nodded before heading off somewhere in the pack house by himself.

"Come on Mason. I want to have some cuddling time with you before we have to leave soon." I blush but nod and take his hand, ignoring the awes that everyone makes as we exit the room.

Charles drags me behind him until we reach our room. He unlocks the door before turning around and grabbing me around the waist. I let out a startled squeal but giggle as he carries me into the room like a baby.

"Why are you being so weird?" I ask him as he drops me on the bed before covering my body with his. Charles only smirks at me before lowering himself so that our bodies touch from shoulders to hips. I feel my blush resurfacing as I see his gaze locked with my lips.

"Its been so long since I've tasted your sweet lips." Charles husked as he took my bottom lip in his. I groan at the feeling and lift my head so that we could kiss properly.

"Same." I breath out against his lips causing him to let out a husky chuckle. I smile back against his lips before depending the kiss. Our tongues come out and brush against each other as we tentively brush our hands on the other.

I feel his back muscles. Amazed that something as insignificant as his back muscles can significantly turn me on. It doesn't help that he has his hands curled into my hips. Lifting them up ever so slightly so they bump into his, causing groans to fall quickly, one after another.

"You're such a tease." I groan out as I rip my lips away from his. Charles smiles down at me before kissing dowm my neck and to my collar bones. I know we should stoo, that we can't be unfocused tonight when we are preparing for battle, but everything feels so good, i dont sver wany to let him good.

"I know I've messed up a lot in our relationship, but i just want you to know i love you, Mason. With all my heart." Tears fill my heart at Charles soft spoken words. I lean away from him amd look in his eyes.

"You are perfect for me because i make mess up too. I love you, Charles." Charles smiles lightly before taking me into another world with his soft kisses and innocent nips.

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