Chapter 4

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I groan as I feel the bright sun hitting my eyes. Normally this doesn't happen because the window in my office is placed across the room, nowhere near me, and I am always awake before the sun comes up.

I become even more confused as I feel the soft silk sheets that are underneath my face, along with the soft bed. Did I go back to my room last night?

I sit up and groan as I cracked my back before looking around the room. It takes a few seconds before I realise I am in my parents room because I refused to go to mine. Papa brought me back here to sleep.

I almost cry as I stand up, all my body wants is to go back to bed, but I know I am already late for patrols and I need to start on the new pile of paperwork that mysteriously shows up on my desk everynight.

I stumble out of the room and down the stairs. I can hear the faint chatter of my family in the kitchen, having there daily breakfast together, something I skipped out on after the accident. The silence from Uncle Rian was enough to make it awkward, so I stopped going.

I stumbled passed the kitchen in yesterday's rumpled clothes. I heard the noise momentarily fade but I paid no attention to it.

"Charles, what are you doing?" I heard Daddy's voice filter through the room. I just made an animalistic grunt, closed my eyes for one second, and of course, ran into a wall.

I groan as I hear a chair being pushed out and Daddy's small footsteps head in my direction. I try to get up but the pounding in my head won't stop, along with the blood gushing out of my nose.

"Oh my gosh! Charles!?" I heard daddy yell before I felt his small hands grab my face. More chairs pushed out from in the kitchen and a stamped of feet came in our direction.

I didn't hear anymore as my vision became blurry and blackness pickled at my senses. I gave into the feeling with a sigh, finally, I can rest.

The first thing I heard was crying. I don't know who, but they seem really upset.

"So, what happened? Why did he pass out like that?" I head Uncle Rason ask. Why is he here? Him and his mate moved away to there own house with there kids. Who passed out?

"Well, for starters, he is malnurished, dehydrated, exhausted, and stressed beyond belief. I don't even know how his wolf allowed this to happen without informing someone while he was in wolf form. Then when he ran into the wall, as you said, he gave himself a concussion, and he lost an insane amount of blood for a nose bleed." I heard someone say, it sounded a lot like the pack doctor, but I couldn't be sure.

"But Charlie is going to be okay, right?" I heard Maven ask in a wavering voice. Me? Okay? What happened?

I groan as I finally open my eyes. The light is bright and splitting. The pain in my head throbs even more then before. I feel my stomach twist before I turn and throw up.

"Turn the lights off." I heard a woman, most likely a nurse, say quickly as she rushed to my side. "Its too much for his eyes right now." She helped me get back onto the bed, which I thought was funny, a tiny women trying to help a 200 pound Alpha male into a bed. Halarious.

"Alpha Charles, can you tell me what happened? Why did you run into the wall?" I heard the doctor order as he moved to the side of my bed. I shifted my now partially opened eyes to him and behind him. Daddy and Maven were crying in papa's arms as he rocked them back and forth. Uncle Rason, his mate Haley, Uncle Rian, which suprises me that he would be here, and his mate Chelsea, stand behind them. I flinch as the doctor snaps his fingers in front of my face.

"Alpha, can you speak? Why did you walk into the wall? Do you remeber what happened?" He snapped as he held his clipboard at the ready.

"I don't know, I was tired?" I said painfully shrugging my shoulders.

"Why were you tired? Have you been sleeping? Eight hours a night a minimum?" I sigh as I tried to sit up but it only brought on another wave of nausea.

"Oh, gosh, uhm. I have been sleeping, just not eight hours a night. Maybe four or five?" I say and wince as I see the look on his face, I go to try and give him my reasons but he cuts me off.

"That's enough, you need to be sleeping at least eight hours a day." He said while waving his hand in front of him to cut me off. "How often do you eat? Three times a day and and few snacks? What did you eat yesterday?" I mentally groan ands I think of the fit Papa and Daddy will have when I answer the question.

"Well, since breakfast is the most important meal of the day, I make sure to eat it every single day." I said and went to continue but he cut me off again.

"What do you usually eat?

"Is don't know, toast, cereal, easy stuff that doesn't take long. I have a lot of paper....." He cuts me off again.

"I don't care if you have a meeting with the President, you need to eat something like eggs, bacon, sausage for breakfast. Alright lunch, dinner?"

"Well, like I said, breakfast is the most important, so that's pretty much the only time I really eat." I said while wincing and closing my eyes. I know he is going to get pissed. I hear the sound of his pen scratching on his clipboard stop, and that is when the screaming starts.

"Are you stupid? Your the alpha, you need to eat more then anyone in this pack! If you keel over and die I am not taking blame for it! Why hasn't your wolf been getting on your case? If you die he dies, and I don't think he wants to die, and I sure as hope you don't want to die either." I grind my teeth as he disrespects my wolf, but I know he only wants to help, so I hold in my anger.

"He is a little busy with his own problems." I manage to get out. He just scoffs before putting his clipboard down.

"Food will be sent up here, you must eat it all. I leave you to talk to your family. I'm sure you have plenty to talk about." He said before walking to the door and slamming it shut. I flinched for the noise and braved a chance to look at my parents, uncles and aunts, Maven left earlier.

I saw the pissed look on all of there faces and knew I was in deep sh!t.

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