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Chapter 13

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I feel nervous shivers rack my body as we get closer to the edge of the forest. I can smell different wolves from where we are and every step closer has a different meaning. I want to tell Charles to wait but he seems so happy to introduce me to his family that I can't tell him my feelings.

It's been years since I have been in the presence of a pack. I don't know how to act and what they expect from me as a rouge. Even though his pack seems pretty cool with rouges and all I still have to worry if I will meet his parents expectations for him as a mate. And earlier when he said that they might not be for the idea right away because of something that happened not too long ago? How am I suppose to deal with that? His parents are gonna be suspicious of me already,  it's not gonna help that I am rouge and an omega.

"You don't have to be worried Mason, my family is going to love you. But I should warn you before we get to the house, I have nine younger siblings and one of them is currently mad at me, and one of my dad's is too. So don't let them intimidate you if they are glaring at me or something like that." He said excitedly but his head cocked to the side as he continues to talk. I notice he said 'one of his fathers' what does that mean?

"What do you mean by 'one of your father's?" I ask him voicing my thoughts out loud. He smiled before turning back to me, he seemed to really love his family.

"Oh, I have two dads, they're gay." He explained. I watched as his hands fluttered around in the air. He seemed to make a lot of hand gestures while talking. It really is cute.

He seemed like I was gonna get mad or disgusted with the idea of him having two dads, but I don't think he realises we are both guys, mates, that will probably end up having kids together, hopefully in the far future, but nonetheless sometime. If his family accepts me that is. I don't think I could be with my mate if his family hated me, expecially if he has nine siblings and two dads, that's 11 people hating me and I don't need anymore then I already have.

"Charles, do you realise we are both guys?" I ask him seriously concerned he was mistaken when he saw my naked half, which I still notice is uncovered. I blush as I notice my private parts have just been openly displayed to my mate for almost an hour, in total embarrassment my body now decides to start becoming affected by Charles' body.

I let go of his hand and ignore his questioning look and quickly cover myself. He seems to understand why I stopped because he smiles softly at me before going to a couple of bushes. When he comes back he had a pair of sweatpants and a plain blue tee shirt. I smile my thanks while grabbing the clothes with one hand and covering myself with the other, I hobble over to a bush feeling Charles' piercing gaze on my back side the whole time. He also decides not to take his eyes off of me the whole time I am changing and by the time I finish a blush is staining my cheeks and neck and my lower half is slowly coming more and more alive.

I try to think of thing that would turn me off. First I think of girls, there is obviously a reason why I like boys and not girls. Boobs really just don't do it for me. Once I realise my body has slowly died down, but not enough that it isn't noticeable, I think of the poor bunnies I killed earlier. I slowly calmed down and I was able to join Charles a few minutes later.

I watch his gaze travel over my body and the satisfied smile. I assume that the clothes are his since they are pretty big on me, and because he seems happy that I am wearing them. I've heard that mates like it when you wear there clothes, and by Charles reaction I assume it's correct, I'll just have to wear his clothes often.

"So." He breathed a big sigh of air. "Are you ready to meet my parents?" I watch the hopeful expression on his face. I then looked past him and noticed a faint house inbetween all of the trees. I looked back aft him after saw the pure hope in his eyes, and I knew. If he had this much hope for me, then I can have that much hope that his parents will like me.

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