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Chapter 15

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I see the shocked look on the man's face, Uncle Rason, apparently, and I know that Charles should have been more gentle with breaking the news to him.

"Well, that certainly is a surprise." He muttered as he continued to look between us. I couldn't help but blush when he gaze would shift to me, I haven't been around humans for so long my unruly hair and dirty body must be making him disgusted to look at me because I know I am disgusted to look at me, and not just because of my appearance.

"I'm sorry, I smell so bad." I say as I look back down at my shirt and pick of the few remaining chunks of grass. I feel my lip wobble and I become angry with myself. Why all of a sudden am I always wanting to cry? I told myself I had no reason to cry, and it's the truth. I deserved what my pack did to me, after all, I'm just an omega.

"Hey, it's not your fault. I know a lot of people that smell worse then you." 'Uncle Rason' said. He crouched down in front of me and held out a hand as if he wanted to touch me but didn't know if he should. I shrug and spare a glance at Charles. He catches my gaze and gives me a tiny smile. I wobbly smile back at him before turning back to 'Uncle Rason'.

"Its fine, I know I probably reek of rouge." I tell him as I send him his own fleeting smile. He smiles back at me brightly before standing up.

"Alright, we should probably get inside before your father's see you out here with a rouge. They might not think he is friendly like we do." 'Uncle Rason' said, mostly to himself, before heading to the house.

Charles stood up amd put down his hand for me to use to get up. I smiled at him as I took it, but when I tried to let go he only held on tighter. I turned to look at him but I saw something out of the corner of my eye move. I turned to look at the pack house and standing on the porch was two men, who I will assume are Charles' parents. They both seem angry as they watch us approach and I know that Charles can feel the sweat gathering on my hands but is nice enough not to comment about it.

Just the size of one of the men, who I am assuming is the last alpha, Charles father, is intimidating. Of course he is about the same height of Charles, but Charles's features make him look hard and cutoff, but with the sort amount of time that I've known him he is quite sweet on the inside. The man standing before us looks as if he crushes poor children with his feet for fun, the complete oposite of the man standing next to him.

He has a small figure, much like mine, and is almost my height, but I think I have him with a few inches. He has soft features and a kind smile plastered on his face that I totally missed when I first saw the pair staring at us.

"Hi daddy, Papa, I want to introduce you to Mason." Charles says as the three of us come in speaking distance of eachother. I notice how he leaves out the part about us being mates, but I am not mad about it, if he was nervous to tell his uncle, then I could only imagine his parents.

"He reeks of rouge." The bigger one says bluntly while staring down Charles. My eyes go glassy and I internally yell at myself. You know what you are, be proud of it! You escaped those inhumane bastards, don't let anyone push you around! I blink my eyes until my eyes are dry once again.

"Yeah well you look ugly, maybe if you didn't glare all the time then you would look better." I mutter to myself to make me feel better. I blush as I feel all of the gazes slide to me and my head snaps to the ground.

"I'll have you know, my mate thinks I am very handsome." The mountain grumbles as he pulls his mate closer to him and turning his glare to me, although now it isn't as harsh. My gaze shifts to his mate, glued to his side, and he smiles at me. I smile back but it looks more like a grimace then a smile. He turned and smacked his mate's chest before wiggling out of his grip amd coming towards me, my eyes widen but I stay rooted in my spot.

"Its wonderdul to meet my son's mate." He says while pulling me into a hug. My eyes widen to a comical size, and I can see three expressions that mirror mine almost exactly.

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