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Charles' POV

I  smile as I watch Mason sleep. He looks so beautiful, all flushed and content. We mated once again last night. Ever since he told me he had become pregnant a whole five months ago i haven't been able to keep my body off of his perfect body. I knew he wanted it also, since he had become increasingly horny as his pregnancy continued.

It's hard to think its only been a year since we could have lost each other. Since he could have lost me.

I've seen him sometimes just sitting in bed, looking out the window and into the woods. I know he wonders what would have happened to him if he never met me, if he stayed rouge. I also sometime wondered what would have happened if we never met. Would i still be living in regret of what that horrible bitch did to me? Would my pack still despise me?

I know my life has become so much better from when he came into it, and I'm proud to say so.

"Charles!" I look down to see Mason clutching his stomach as his eyebrows crunch together from the pain he is in.

My own eyes sudden when I realize that my mate is about to give birth to our pup. Finally.

I carry my panting mate to the hospital wing and throw a fit when they say I'm not allowed in the room as he gives birth. I'll have to have a talk with the doctors later about letting the father's in with their mates when they are giving birth, it's torture sitting out here hearing his screams and knowing I can't go in and help.

Slowly the screaming stops and it's replaced with a loud wail. My heart slips a beat as I hear the wonderful sound, one i will gladly wake up to at three in the morning.

The doctor finally let's me into the room and i instantly rush to the baby wrapped tightly in the light pink blankets. I knew the moment we were told it was a girl that i was going to be very protective over her. I knew i would do anything to keep her safe. To keep my family safe.

Before I met Mason my life was going down the drain. I wouldn't be here right now, holding my baby girl and watching my mate smile at me through sleepy eyes. I wouldn't be happy.

And it's all because of my very own Omega Cure.

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