Chapter 5

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"Sooooo, what are you guys doing here? It's a beautiful day outside and it woul........."

"Oh shut up!" Daddy snapped. I looked at him in shock. I have never heard him swear, even if it was only shut up. "We're here because my son is currently in a hospital bed because he couldn't look after himself! Really! You barely eat, you barely sleep, you're always doing paperwork, and......"

"Dad, I have to do the paperwork! I just can't not do it!" I snap at him, one of the only times I have done so to my dad.

"What I don't understand is how you have so much. Not that your lying about it, I've seen how much you have, but why so much?" Papa asks trying to get the attention of his mate.

"I don't get how you can do this to yourself!? Why would you do this? To prove a point? I don't know what we did wrong in raising you to think is okay." Daddy continued to yell as if Papa hadn't even spoken. I just sigh, he needs to let it out before he explodes.

"All anyone wants is to be safe, sure you made a mistake, sure some people died......"

"It wasn't just some people dad." I exclaim. "It was innocent children, the future of the pack, just, destroyed." I finally succeed in standing up as I wobbly walk over to them, staying a good yard or so away.

"I know baby, and I know this is difficult, but you can't be moping around. You have to fix what you did, not saying it was your fault, it was the bitch's fault. Now get over yourself and eat, sleep, and for God sakes stop doing so much paperwork, where is that even coming from?" Daddy finally said ending with papa's earlier question. I push past them and put my hand on the doorknob. I turn to look them all in the eyes and say what is on my mind.

"When you kill innocent pup, there parents tend to want more thing from you. Something you don't understand." I then open the door and slam it behind me.

I see the nurse from earlier come up the stairs with a tray of food. I silently take it from her and walk the way to my office, I probably should eat, but that doesn't mean I am going to do so in the kitchen.

I carefully open my office door and groan as I see the two foot stack of papers sitting on my desk. I set the tray down next to it and take in the mouth watering food on it.

There is chicken and rice soup, some bread, turkey sandwiches, cut fruit and veggies, a cherry pastry, a bag of doritos, and a slice of apple strudel. There is coffee, mango juice, and milk to drink. Enough food for a normal wolf to eat for lunch and dinner, but a hungry Alpha wolf,  I could demolish this is a few minutes.

I start on the breakfast food, since it seems the most fitting to do. I move onto the soup and bread, the sandwiches, then I nibble on the pastry and chips as I eye the apple strudel. I down the coffee and juice with only a few sips and save the milk for the strudel.

I am about to dive into the deliciously tempting strudel when I hear a chuckle come from the doorway. I turn around and see Uncle Rason standing at the doorway. He is holding Olivia, his youngest daughter at eight months old. He has two other daughters, Christina who is four, and Jennifer who is two. He puts Olivia down and she walks over to the table set up for Maven, but she easily climbs up.

"You demolished that plate in a matter of 10 minutes. If I say so myself, you seem mighty hungry, so I'm not buying the whole I'm not hungry thing. So, why haven't you been eating?" He said as he walked to the chair in front of my desk. He plucks up the grapes I left, because I hate them, and pops one in his mouth.

Uncle Rason and I have a weird relationship. Since he is only seven years older then me, he seems like more of an older brother then anything, but at times like this, he deserves the uncle title he possess.

"Do those pups get to eat anymore?" I mutter as I twirl my fork around the strudel, pulling it apart into biteable pieces. I look up to see uncle Rason frozen mid chew.

"Wait, that's the reason you haven't been eating? Charles, I know you've heard this, but you need to let this go. It's a shame that those pups had to die, but the moon goddess has a plan for everything. She wouldn't let anything happen that she doesn't want to happen. Now, get out of your funk and get back to being my favorite nephew, and don't tell anyone I said that." He winked before picking up Olivia and leaving.

I sighed, he's right. The moon goddess wouldn't let it happen unless she has a reason. I know that pack won't see it this way, for a long time, but I can try and earn there trust back during it.

I quickly polish off my strudel and milk before grabbing the tray to bring back down to the kitchen. I guess now is a good time to try and start the mending.

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