Chapter 23

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"First I should tell you, that Papa, Riley, isn't Charles, Aria, Saren, Coal, or my real dad." I give him a surprised look but he continues.

"The six of us, daddy, and the five of us, lived in a pretty abusive pack. They hated omegas, killed their parents and forced the omegas to be slaves. In my dad's case, a sex slave." He takes as deep breath as he throws another rock.

"That was how we were born, some cruel people from our old pack. Daddy and Papa don't know that I remember, but I do. Everyone else seemed to block it out, besides daddy, and me." I nod at him I'm assurance as he looks over to me. He scoots closer to me before continuing.

"Charles's biological dad was our alpha, so no matter what, he has alpha blood. Aria and my biological dad was some warrior, and Coal and Saren's biological dad was the beta. The beta was the worst, the alpha couldn't care less about us. He would take us, throw us in a room, take daddy and when they would come back, daddy would be bruised and limping, he would always come over to us though, and comfort us, tell us that we were okay. I was always so amazed. Daddy was being hurt by bad people, but he didn't care, as long as we were safe, he was content." I see him blinking tears away. This time I scoot closer and throw my arm around his shoulders. He rested his head in the crock of my neck before continuing in a shaky voice.

"But then, daddy was out trying to find Charles, he had run off and daddy was worried someone would hurt him if they saw him. When he was gone, the beta showed up and, started screaming, yelling. He said he was going to kill us all, so that he could have daddy all by himself. I was so scared, I yelled back, saying 'no, daddy is ours too!' Now that I think about it, Daddy never was his in the first place. When daddy came back with Charles the beta had just rose his hand and was about to hit us, I don’t know who, I can't remember, but I rememeber daddy, he threw himself in front of us. He hit daddy so hard, then yelled at us, it was our fault he had to hit daddy. He raped him in front of us." He ran a hand down his face, catching the few tears that had fallen down his cheeks.

"After he woke up, he said we were leaving. I was so happy, daddy wouldn't be hurt anymore. I didn't want to be hurt anymore, I didn't want to see daddy hurt anymore. So, soon after we left, we became rouge. I feel as if we lived outside the pack lands for a long time, but an hour was long to me then. Daddy had become so thin, he was finding food, but gave it all to us so we could survive." He shakily wiped away more tears.

"You don't have to keep going, it's okay." I tell him, but he only shakes his head before continuing where he left off.

"One day, we were attacked, Aria was badly hurt, we had to get to a doctor. Daddy put us in a cave and ran, I don't know where, but he came back with a man. He claimed to be a beta from the pack not to far away. He helped us and brought us to his pack. Everyone was so nice, they welcomed us with open arms. Papa wasn't there when we first showed up, but when he did, it was love at first sight. Papa and daddy loved eachother so much. Then all the crap with Desdemona happened as everything went down the drain." He shook his head as he thought of past memories. My brow furrowed in thought, where had I heard that name before? My eyes widened when I finally remember.

"Wait, your dad was the one who stopped and defeated Desdemona?" I ask in disbelief. He shrugged his shoulders but nodded his head anyway.

"No way, he's like a hero to all omegas, everyone wants to meet or be him. And I am living with him, oh my gosh, I'm mated to his son!" I squeal I'm delight. Ashton smiles at me as I fangirl over his dad. He shakes his head before looking down at his lap again.

"Okay, anyways, as you were saying." He nods before taking another deep breath.

"After he had defeated him, and we had met Rason, he is Papa's half brother, but he is still our uncle."

"Wait, how is he your half uncle? I asked confused, they didn't look to much alike. Now that I know Ashton and Charles aren't full brothers I can see the difference in them.

"Papa's mom, she was a wacko, they don't really talk about it, but about he cheated on Papa's dad with Desdemona. Rason is Desdemona's and Papa's mom's son." My eyes are even wider and my mouth is now open in shock. That is just crazy.

"Anyway, it's died down. Everyone started finding their mates, having kids, but then Papa decides he is going to let Charles become alpha. He is technically the first born, and he has alpha blood so, Papa thought why not? That's when it all went down hill." He groans as he crushes a branch in his band before tossing the pieces into the river.

"That......bitch, showed up, claiming to be his mate. He fell for it, right into her trap. When she had all the information she needed, she left, but not before blowing up the front yard and ten kids with it." Tears fill my eyes at the new discovery, I knew something terrible had happened, just nothing this bad.

"Charles was devistated. The pack no longer trusted him, Rian started hating him because his daughter, Cassie, was outside when the bomb went off, she got some burns, but nothing major. No one could trust that Charles could keep us safe. It's when the thoughts started creeping in." He took a shaky breath, this time completely ignoring the tears on his cheeks.

"What if Charles wanted it to happen? His father, was a cruel sadistic man, what's to say he didn't enjoy the pain. Then I thought about me, that could be me, I could end up being like my biological father. I could end up to be some rapist. I didn't want it to happen, so I fought against Charles, told him he wasn't fit to be alpha, so in reality, it was my own fears kicking my ass." He sobs loudly before tucking his head into my neck. I wrap my arms around his body, and silently hold him as a few tears of my own fall down my cheeks.

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