Chapter 40

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I don't remeber much more of what happened after I was given my mission, but all I know is that I woke up inside out territory dirty and wet, most likely from the rain that I could smell that had passed about an hour ago.

I dragged myself through the mud and grass as I make my way to the pack house. I don't know what time it is, but it sems to be late at night because I can see the sun still lowering in the sky and the moon going up.

I subconsciously know it must have been a day since I dissapeared. Charles is going to he worried sick, but I can't tell him where I have been. They must have some sort of listening device on me somewhere, maybe even a tracking device. If I try and tell anyone about what happened to me, they might not survive to the next day.

Finally I see the lit up pack house a mile or so away. Normally most of the lights would be out by now, because of the pack pups sleeping. My absence had been noted, but I'm not sure for how long.

Charles must have noticed I was missing sometime during the day, because he never came to sleep last night, so he wouldn't have had any idea that I was kidnapped while he was sulking away in his office about how I left him.

I finally reach the lit up, but surprisingly quiet pack house. Charles would have felt it the moment I stepped onto the pack lands. He must have been going crazy when I was gone. The thought tugs at my heart but I ignore it and school my face into a blank expression.

I toe of my muddy shoes before turning and heading through the living room. Which just so happened to be where everyone is waiting for me, save for the few pups that Riley and Zoro put to bed earlier. I'm even surprised to see Rian and Rason here with their mates. Seems as if everyone is worried about where I was.

"Where have you been, and why are you all wet and muddy?" I'm surprised when Aria is the first one to speak. I would have assumed Charles would have begun yelling at me the second I walked into the house.

"I honestly have no clue." I answer shortly as I finger the soaked clothing that is pressed tight against my chilled skin.

"You don't know why you are wet, muddy, and where you have been for the past day, save for the past two hours where you have been on pack lands?" Charles asks as he tilts his head to the side slightly. I can see the anger in his eyes, but I can also see his pain and the rejection in his eyes.

"I wasn't with someone else if that is what your implying. You would have felt it, dumba*s." I snap. The look in his eyes is one I've seen in many rouges eyes when their mates have chosen another one over them.

"That's not what I'm saying!" Charles snaps as he stands up. I raise my eyebrows at him.

"Really? I've seen that look before Charles, don't make me look like an idiot." I snap back at him. I notice that everyone else is staring between us with wide eyes. Yeah, guys, watch us fight, that's fine, don't try and tame the wild beast that is head set on the idea of me cheating on him.

"What am I suppose to think when you dissapear two days in a row? We haven't completed our own mating, so how would I know if you mated with someone else or not?" Charles arms flail around his body, almost hitting Ashton in the head a few times.

"Is that what you want to hear? That I've been sneaking out to bone some person? If so, then sure, I've being having a swell time." I say sarcastically as I glare at the stupid man in front of me.

"Be serious Mason, something could have happened to you." Riley snaps at me for his son. I can see a look I'm not familiar with in his eyes, but I think it's the look of an overprotective father coming to the rescue.

"You all seem to forget that I've probably been through more then most of you. I've been a rouge since I was five years old. I've killed things, other shifters, I've done whatever I had to do to survive. Being by myself for a day isn't anything when I was alone for over ten years." The room is silent as they stare at me. I stare into Zoro eyes as I say my next words.

"I had to watch my back, because even people I thought I could trust turned on me, and tried to do bad things to me." I break my gaze from Zoro's before turning back to Charles's gaze.

"So stop thinking I'm cheating on you, because I'm not, and stop treating me like some little baby you have to keep out of danger, because I'm not. Just because I'm an omega doesn't mean I'm not capable of doing things." With those parting words I turn around and walk up the stairs and to an empty guest room. If Charles thinks I'm going to sleep in his room, he is dead wrong. I only hope Zoro takes my warning to heart, because he is going to need it in later days to come.

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