Chapter 38

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I mess with the files in front of me nervously. Ever since my breakdown Charles - and his family by extension - haven't let me out of their sights. Currently Aria is sitting across from me humming while she does her school work.

"Hey, Aria, I need to go to the bathroom, I'll be right back." Aria gazes at me for a moment before nodding and going back to what I can now see is english. I grunt when I see it, I hate everything to do with english, I mean, even that class is named wrong, if you are in an English class, people assume that you are learning to speak english, not actually learn why you have to say certain things in certain sentence. It really seems like a waste of an hour at school.

I hurry down the hall to the bathroom, I'm about to pass up the bathroom but I see a figure sanding down at the opposite end of the hall. Is that Riley? Oh my gosh, Aria mindlinked Riley to watch me as I peed! How embarrassing is that?

I push open the bathroom door before entering. I don't think he is going to come in here, unless I don't come out in five minutes.

My eyes go to the small window that let's in sunlight. I sigh in relief before walking over to it and opening it. I just need to go on a run without anyone bothering me. I just need to be alone for a little bit.

I look out the window before I turn around and jump out of it. I land gracefully on the ground before I begin to jog towards the trees. I won't be gone for long, but when Riley tells Charles I'm gone, he is going to be pissed.


An hour later I'm on my way back to the pack house. I knew the second Charles found out I was gone. His growl was loud enough for Asia to hear. I knew he wouldn't come looking for me, he would be able to tell if I was in trouble, and since he didn't get that feeling, he knew I had left willingly.

I walk onto the creepily quiet pack house. I roll my eyes, someone must have spread the news that I had 'ran away', what everyone didn't know was that I was planning on coming back.

I beeline right through the living room and head for the stairs.

"Where have you been, Mason?" I tense before turning around. I deflate when I see that the whole family is crowded together in the living room.

"Out." I say simply. I can hear the sarcasm that floats off my tongue, I desperately want to take it back.

"You were 'out'? What would have happened if you got hurt again?" I look at Charles with a blank expression. I never told any of them why I fainted, besides hitting my head on the tub - although the doctor said it wasn't wasn't a hard enough hit to knock me out - and they think I fainted or something because of food loss, I did faint, but it was from memories I desperately tried to hide came rushing forwards, faster then I could handle.

"I wouldn't have gotten hurt, Charles! I just needed some alone time. You've all be coddling me, and I love you all for it, but you seem to forget that I have be alone for over ten years!" I exclaim as I throw my arms around me.

"I love the idea that I have a family now, but ten years of being alone isn't going to go away in a few weeks. I need time, and that doesn't mean don't like you around, just not every single second of every day." I finish before I turn around and storm up the stairs.

My relaxing hour outside has no effect to try and calm my muscles. I was so happy and relaxed, now I am tense and mad. I understand why they don't understand, but I hope that someday they will, because I love them, just not when they are in my face everyday of every single second.

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