Chapter 29

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"Mason, can I talk to you?" Charles asks as he steps into our joined room. Right after we all met in the living room for Ashton to talk with everyone his father's had whisked him away. I assumed he didn't need me in his room anymore, so I came here, against my better judgement.

"Are you just gonna tell me lies, or are you going to say something useful for this relationship?" I ask sarcastically as he comes and sits down on the bed. He sighs before turning to me.

"I'm building a house. For the two of us, and our pups. I wanted it to be a surprise, but I guess I went at it all wrong." He blurted out as he held my eyes in his intense gaze. I felt my inside clench in guilt. If I had just left it alone I probably would have felt amazing when he told me the news, but I only feel guilty for yelling at him and calling him a liar when he was building me a house.

"Thank you, I'm sorry for prying. I just, have trust issues." I make up an excuse in my head quickly, even though I do have trust issues, I don't with Charles's family. Everyone is so nice to me and I don't feel the need to hide away from them to protect myself.

"No you don't. I'm sorry for trying to hide it, and poorly. I should have just been open about it, it would have saved a lot of our problems." Charles shrugged as he turned to stare at the wall. I could see a faint blush on his face, but I didn't pry, I know Charles is private, and he's been through a lot.

"So, do you want to talk about it? About her." I ask.softly as I look at the profile of his face. His lips tug down in a frown before he turns to me.

"Not really, all you need to know is she played me, really bad, then she killed a lot of innocent pups. We use to have seven more members in this pack, now we don't. A lot of people don't trust me to keep then safe, I wouldn't be offended if you felt the same way." Mason answered. I'm glad he opened up to me, even if he didn't give me every last detail, I'm sure I wouldn't want it anyways, to know all the things he did with some girl who he thought was his mate, treating her like the way he treats, well, will treat me, nauseates me.

"I heard some of the pack females talking about adoption, what's that all about?" One of the women, who I assume lost their pup, was talking to their mate about it. I know the pup they adopt won't ever be what their pup was, but it does help with the pain.

"A friend of mine, an Alpha, said that he found a group of pups outside his territory, and he knew of our situation and asked if we would like to adopt some. I haven't heard back yet from anyone if they were willing to go see." Charles shrugs his shoulders before turning back to the wall, but not before I could see the excited glint in his eyes.

"Well, why wouldn't you just set a day, and whoever shows up, does. They probably are just nervous to ask. I mean, would you be willing to tell someone you were thinking to adopt right after someone murdered your pup?" I ask although I don't expect an answer. I just hope I'm not being to harsh.

"That's a good idea. I'll talk to Jake about it." Mason nods to himself before pushing up from the bed.

"Tell Jake I said 'hi'." I call to him before he leaves the room. He turns around and blows me a kiss before walking out of the room. I blush when he closes the door but smile. Already we are getting back to the way we were when he first met, it's not gonna take a lot of time before were cuddling and talking about how many pups we want.

I can't help but think back to the excited look in Charles eyes when we were talking about the pups. I know he likes pups, if his large family is any consolation, and his relationship with Maven, although I think it's more of an Alpha-Omega relationship more then anything. I wonder if he ever thought to just adopt all the kids and bring them here. I would feel bad if we had to leave any behind. I'll have to think of something.

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