Chapter 7

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I wake up to the sound of giggling above me and a small weight on my chest. I keep my eyes close as I listened for what Maven was going to do. I heard the wind shift as he hands land on my cheeks. He then leaned down and blew a very slobbery raspberry onto my forehead. I took the time, while he was having his fun slobbering my face, to open my eyes. He squeals when he sits up and sees my eyes wide with mirth. He tries to jump off but he isn't fast enough and I wrap my arms around his waist and tug him until he is laying underneath me. He continues to squeal as I dig my fingers into his sides.

"Charlie, please, I promise not to do it again. Please!" He squeals. I decide to give him his request and I still my wiggling fingers and roll so he is laying on my stomach.

"Are you feeling better? Daddy and Papa told me to come lay down because my stomach was still hurting. Aria read to me for a while, but then I did fall asleep. I wanted to make sure you were okay though. So, are you okay?" He rambles as he sits back up on my stomach.

"Yeah, Mavey. I feel a lot better already." I tell him, and it's not a lie. Just the short few hours of sleep I got have made me feel fresher then I already was. Now I just need some more food, because for once I will give into the growling in my stomach.

"Good, because you're the alpha and you shouldn't be sick, ever. Plus you're my big brother so I have to make sure you're okay." He said as he shrugged his shoulders and slid of my stomach. I looked at him in amusement as he headed for the door. Right before he left he turned to me and put a hand his hip, his 'sassy' pose as we call it.

"Well? Are you gonna come eat or not? We missed lunch, so daddy is already going to be mad, we can't miss dinner too." He said before he ripped open the door and skipped down the stairs. I laughed a final time before lifting myself out of the extremely small bed that cannot house my 6'3 frame.

I lumber down the steps knowing Maven is right. Daddy won't be very happy that I skipped lunch, although my breakfast was huge. I groan as I think about all the paperwork piled up on my desk right now. I wouldn't be surprised if it hadn't doubled by now.

I let out a noise of surprise as I miss a step and stumble down the stairs. The second time I have fallen and hurt myself by these stupid stairs. It is only as few seconds before I hear footsteps heading in my direction, almost like dejavoo.

"Oh, my gosh! Charles! I knew we should have woken you up for lunch! Riley! Get in here and help me with your demented son." I heard daddy yell as he attempted to lift me off the floor, when in all honesty he was making it harder to stand up.

"Daddy! Stop! I just fell down the stairs. I can get up myself." I told him as I shook off his hands before popping up to stand next to him. His mouth popped open in shock before he could recover, he quickly snapped his mouth shut and headed to the kitchen.

"Never mind, just a false alarm." Daddy said as he took his spot next to Papa at the table. I smile at everyone as I hurry to my seat next to Maven so we can start eating. I notice the empty chair next to next to Aria and frown in confusion.

"Is someone Joining us?" I ask my question directed to Aria, but I leave it open for anyone to answer.

"Uhm, yeah. One of my friends from school. He said he wanted to meet everyone, so if you could please be on your best behavior." She said warningly looking at all of us in turn. We all shrug and go back to dishing out our plates. I notice daddy slyly putting more food on my plate then everyone elses, he is really worried.

"Thanks, Daddy. I'm really hungry. I might even go for seconds." I say as I take a bite of the speghetti. He smiles broadly before going back to his plate, his smile never wavering.

A few minutes later a boy, about Aria's age walks into the room.

"Sorry I'm late, Mom needed help with the trash. It's nice to finally meet all of you, I'm Aaron. Aria has said great things about all of you." He said as he goes to take his seat.

"We've heard great things about you too. It's a pleasure to meet you, I'm Charles. Aria's oldest and most handsome brother." I say smirking in Aria's direction as she glares at me.

"Oh, youre the alpha right? I have a lot of questions concerning the pack." He said as he scooped food onto his plate. I froze in my spot, my smile wavering as I looked at Aria again.

"I wasn't informed you knew about, us, our life style." I said. He looked up quickly in shock.

"What? Aria said she told you guys. I'm sorry, she told once after she had to deal with someone, she growled, and I was scared. She had to explain." He said quickly with his face slowly turning red.

"I did tell them, just Charles wasn't here when I did. I just forgot." Aria butted in.

"Look, it's okay that you told him. You wouldn't if you thought you couldn't trust him, I just wish I knew. You should've came and told me." I said as I took another bit of my food.

"Maybe of you didn't store yourself away in your office, she could." I heard Ashton mutter from the other side of Aria. I watch him wince as Aria steps on his foot, but I'm starting to get angry, my wolf doesn't like the disrespect.

"I had a lot going on, Ashton. You know that." I said firmly as I glare at him. He meets me head strong and a sneer forms on his lips.

"Drowning in your self pity, yeah, that's real time consuming. You do realise that the world kept moving everything you hide away in your office." He said. My mood from earlier has darkened completely, not even Aria's words from earlier could help me.

"No!? I thought my office was magical! Every time I step foot in there the world just stops. It's truly amazing." I said sarcastic as as sneer forms on my own face.

"Boy, knock it off. We have a guest." I heard Papa growl but I was angry, my wolf was angry, and he was agitated. With me, and something else that I had no idea what was.

"No, he needs to hear this. This is what I am talking about, he isn't strong enough to be the alpha, he isn't even the first born. He was just lucky enough to have alpha blood so you felt bad and had to give it to him." He shouted as he slammed his hands against the table.

"Maybe I should go back then. To an abusive pack, huh. Is that what you want? Do you want me to lead them? How about you, why don't you come and meet your real father too? You don't even have any alpha blood! I don't understand why your so upset!" I roar as I stand up. My chair flies behind me and hits the wall. By now the younger pups are crying and Chelsea and Haley are trying to herd them out.

"This has nothing to do with my father! You can't lead this pack, you don't have Papa's blood."

"It has everything to do with them! If you are going to judge me base on my birth father, I am going to base you on yours. Your father is a dirty, filthy, warrior who couldn't keep his hands to himself. Does that make you feel better? Huh? My father is a dirty, filthy alpha who couldn't keep his hands to himself. You see? We're the same! You think your so much better, but you're not. You and me? We're the same. The products of some dirty, filthy wolf that couldn't keep there hands to themselves." I growl a final time before I push away from the table and head out through the front door. My wolf needs to be let out.

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