Chapter 31

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I walk into Lyon's pack house with a smile. I'm glad that he had heard about our situation, well, actually everyone heard about our situation, but I'm glad he did and told me about the few kids that he had found. I know that it's hard losing a pup, but I also know that loving another pup, will help. I never would push someone to adopt if they hadn't moved on, I would never force them to forget about their pups, but this is a chance to give another pup a chance at life, when I had failed them and let their pups die.

"Charles! Hey, what's going on? I'm glad that you guys could come. I would love to keep all the pups, but there isn't enough people who wanted to adopt to take then all, and I wouldn't feel right if I let a pup grow up as an orphan." Lyon says as he pulls me into a hug before smiling and giving the rest of the group a nod.

"Thanks, and I'm good. The pack is good, healing. This is actually my mate, Mason." I say as I gesture behind me where a red Mason stands. He gives me a glare before turning to lyon and holding his hand out with a bright smile.

"Hi, nice to meet you." He says politely before stepping back into his spot. Lyon smiles at him before his eyes trail back to mine.

"Well, let's go meet the pups. There is only about five of them left, but I'm sure that you'll find a pup that you'll love. They are all smart and beautiful, loving and kind. They just need someone to love then back." Lyon says before turning and leading us farther into the pack house. Pack memebers nod at us when we walk by and I give then nods back in greeting.

"Here we are. I'll give you guys some time to talk to them and interact with them, take as long as you need." Lyon smiles a final time before walking down another hallway.

I turn to the pack memebers that had decided to join us and smile.

"No one here is to judge you, you came here because you want to give an innocent life a happy life. Don't let anyone else make you think different. Now, are we ready to go in?" The few couples nod their heads before smiling at me. I look at Mason and he gives me and small nod. I turn to the door and take a deep breath before opening it.


While Charles open the door I thought about what I was feeling outside. I knew that someone was watching me, us, but I couldn't see who it was. Was it maybe some pack wolves on guard? Or was it something else?

I haven't expressed my concern to Charles. Today is suppose to be a happy day for the couples, not a day where I start more drama that isn't needed.

Everyone files in after charles into the nursery. There are a million kids, it seems like, but when I count, I only see ten, double the amount that we were coming to see today.

"Which ones are which?" I mutter as I look around the room. There isn't any adults in here, and I don't want to have to go up to every kid and ask if they have a Mommy or Daddy, because if they don't, they might get upset.

"I don't know, Lyon said that there would only be five." Charles muttered as he gazed around the room with confused eyes. My eyes trailed on the kids while Charles stood muttering to himself.

My eyes land on a group of pups - five of them, four boys, one girl - away from the other kids playing. If I had to guess, I would say that they are the ones we were suppose to be interacting with. If I was an orphan in a pack where I couldn't find parents.

"Charles, stop swearing underneath your breath, there are children around,  and I found the pups we are suppose to be talking to." I scold Charles as I take Maven away from his arms and into my own. The few short weeks I've been in Charles's, well, our pack, I've grown much more muscle than I even thought posible, now I have no problem carrying Maven around, even though he weights as much as a pound of sticks.

"Sorry, and who? I can't tell." He asks loudly drawing the attention of a few of the kids in our way. I smack him harshly in the chest before sighing.

"The group of pups in the back, secluded from the others." I grumble as I smile at the couples behind us and start walking in the direction of the group of boys and girl. I let Maven slide down my body so he could go play with some of the toys, I don't think he would want to watch us mingle with the pups.

I smile as I make my way in front of the group of pups quietly talking. The look up at me before smiling bleakly and looking back down. My smile turns into a frown but I force it back when I begin talking.

"Hey guys, I'm Mason. I'm the Luna of one of the packs not far away from here. My mate and I brought some people that would like to talk to you, is that okay?" I ask softly as I crouch down in front of them. The nod hesitantly before looking at the three couples that had come with us.

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