Chapter 53

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"Is it too late to tell you i don't want you here and that you should just go back to the pack house?" Charles muttered as we stood on the border of Adri's pack, ready to take him down no matter what.

"Don't even think about telling me to leave, Charles. This is my life and I'm not going to let you dictate it. I want to be here, this is my fault. I have to fix it." I say firmly as i stare into the forest. Ready to pounce and kill as many ungrateful souls as i could.

"I know that, Mason. Doesn't hurt to ask anyways. Just in case you wanted to leave and felt like you had to be here." Charles muttered to himself as he rolled his eges in annoyance. I rolled my eyes back before facing the forest again and ignoring all of the chatter going around, just waiting for that one word to come out of Charles mouth.

I feel a hand land on my shoulder and I flinch. I turn and see Cadmar giving me a gentle smile. Even if I've only know him for a few hours I could imagine him becoming a close friend of mine. I give him a smile in return before turning back around and getting into a running position. If we want to have the advantage of winning then we are going to need to get out of the forest and into a clear area so we have an easier way to fight.

I see Charles tense up next to me, so i tense in return, knowing that any second the word is going to slip from his mouth.

"Go." With one little word all of our warriors charge forward at the foresr, running just as fast and Charles and I as we charge through the first.

I hear the first sound of fighting just as we break into an open field. I know that our luck has been granted, but by the viciousness of the wolves fighting our warriors, i would say that we will continue to need all the luck that we can get.

Charles takes on three of the wloves at once. I look around see if there is anything to do. I notice Riley over on the opposite side of the feild and notice he is being held down by two large wolves and another one standing on top of him, ready to pounce. I can see him fighting, but the fear on his face slowly building. My body reacts before my body, just like Zoro and Cadmar said i would.

The wolves on top of Riley back up and shake their heads. They look around confused. I had just erased their minds. Riley doesn't waste a second before he is up and slicing all of their throats. Riley turns around and sees me looking at him, he gives me a nod before turning and attack another wolf.

I continue to look around, helping any of the wolves that i can. With my help, they are able to take down all of the wolves. We all begin to jump in joy, but then I realize i don't see Charles anywhere. I look around frantically for any sign of him, and my heart drops when I see his quivering body laying on ground, struggling to take in another breath.

Everything dims as I run to him, tears begin to fall down my cheeks as I see the large gash going across his chest, opening him up. I can see some of his organ sitting in side his body, and i know its near impossible for them to all be perfectly fine with how deep the cut is.

I fall on my knees next to him, chocking on the tears that threaten to take over my mind and body.

"Charles." I say quietly as i push his hair back from his forehead. Charles eyes open and he gives me a tired pained smile.

"My mate." He says weakly before coughing, spewing blood all over his face. I choke on another sob as I lean over his body and place my head into his neck. I sob into his neck as I feel his arm slowly slack away from my head. I let out a loud howl of pain as I clutch to my dying mate.

I'm lost in my own thoughts that I don't realize that a hand is now running through my hair, and the neck my face is pressed into is warmer then a dead person should be.

I lean back and stare at Chalres. His shit eating grin making me tear up even more.

"You idiot." I cry as i launch myself into his chest. This time letting out sobs of joy.

"I love you Mate."

"I love you too." I wail into his chest as I clutch into the one person who flipped my world upside down and made everything completely perfect.

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