Chapter 3

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I cracked my back satisfied. I had finally finished the pile of paperwork crowding my desk, sure I had to skip lunch and dinner, but that isn't a problem. Ever since the accident I haven't had much of an appetite, so I have been skipping meals occasionally.

Maven had left for lunch and didn't come back, which is normal, either daddy or Papa wanted time with him, or maybe even our siblings wanted to spend time with him, which I don't count on happening. He does come every night before bed to say goodnight though, which I think is adorable when he tries to tell me it my bedtime and I need to go to bed. I just laugh and tell him to get to bed.

I hear the door creak open, so I turn and smile while opening my arms for Maven's small body to barrel in. But my smile quickly drops along with my arms as I take in the figure at the door, is not Maven, but Papa.

"Sorry, I thought you were Maven." I say after clearing my throat. I turn back around in my chair so he can't see the hurt pooling in my eyes.

"Maven wasn't feeling good, his stomach was acting up. I thought I should come tell you." I frown in thought, did he not feel good before he left?

"Oh, well I'll go check on him before I go to bed. He never told me he was feeling bad, it must have been after he left." I said as I leafed through the paper, although I was already done with it.

"When will you go to bed, Charles?" Papa asked, but I knew he didn't want a lie like I have been feeding them all.

"When I get tired Papa." I simply said. I heard him sigh and the door shut, but I could still hear him breathing so I knew he didn't leave.

"Is there something else you need?" I ask in hope that he will just leave. I don't want to have to deal with this right now.

"When are you going to come out of this room, Baby, you can't live in here." He said as he walked around the desk. "Your dad and I are very sad about what happened, the whole pack is, but you can't hide away and think it will all fix on its own." He exclaimed his voice slowly getting louder and louder.

"I know Papa, I'm trying really, it's just a lot of paper work is coming through right now and I need to get it all done before I can do anything else. It's gonna take a lot more then a few hellos to fix the mess I made! It's not gonna go away, Papa, they don't trust me, Uncle Rian won't even talk to me. Its, just not okay right now." I say frustrated as I stand up and walk to the window. I watch the few pack members remaining in the front yard.

I felt him walk up behind me and a few seconds later his arm was around my shoulder.

"It will take time, but you need to show then you aren't weak. They know the power of a mate can do strong things to a person, and she tricked you, I know that, we all do, but she was pretending to be your mate. If anyone else was in that position, the position you were in, they would have let it happen too, they just need time to realise that. Okay?" I nod in acceptance, maybe I could try and leave my office more.

"Now, let's get you to bed. Maven will still be there tomorrow, let's get you some sleep." He said tugging me in the direction of the door.

"I, I can't sleep in there." I said as I shrugged out of his hold. "That's where she slept, where she minipulated me." I explain as I stare down the hallway to where my bedroom door is.

"That's find pup, you can stay with your Dad and I." He said before he pulled me in the opposite direction. I looked back at my room a final time before leaning into my papa's side as we walked to his room.

In there room Daddy was already sitting in the bed reading as book. He looked up when we walked in and smiled as he saw me.

"I guess it's gonna be just like old times when you crawled into bed with us." He teased as he made room for Papa and I to fit on there double king size bed, which could probably fit all of my siblings and my parents on there at once, it was huge.

"I guess so." I said weakly and I cuddle into bed with my parents. I may be the alpha, but everyone still needs there dads.

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